Cashback Bonus

Bonus Code
Up to $ 1000 bonus + 100 free spins
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New players

the minimum deposit to get the bonus is $ 20

* Wagering requirement = 25X
Bonus Code
100% up to $ 250 or 300% up to $ 60 + 20 spins
New players

By requesting a withdrawal, you forfeit all bonuses (Bonus balance) in your account.

* Wagering requirement = 90X

The cashback bonus is a popular casino bonus that is becoming more and more common, especially in newer online casinos. Contrary to free spins or to the welcome bonus, the cashback bonus n’is not often a bonus that’an online casino would like to use it to gain new customers. Instead, this bonus is usually meant to give players a second chance and reward them for their loyalty. VS’is a common bonus, especially in new online casinos.

Qu’do’a Cashback Bonus ?

A cashback bonus is basically what the name promises: a cashback bonus. If you are playing in a cashback casino, you can get back a percentage of your bets. For example, if you bet $ 100 on a slot machine, you will get back $ 10 at the end of the week or at the end of the month with a cashback of 10%. THE’money would then be lost in another online casino - but not in the Cashback Casino!

The cashback bonus, like any other casino bonus, has to do with the bonus conditions before you can use the bonus.’money directly. This means that you must d’first erase the 10 $ before you can withdraw them. After all, this n’is not a free bonus.

You must read these terms carefully, otherwise you may lose a lot of money.’money. Depending on the Cashback casino, the bonus can be paid out weekly or monthly - and this can only be found in the wagering requirements. In some casinos you can also choose between the cashback bonus and a welcome bonus. Which one you choose is up to you. However, the Casino Cashback Bonus can be used for a longer period, while the Welcome Bonus pays out a large amount of bonus at the same time..

How the Cashback Bonus works

Regarding the cashback bonus, it s’acts of’a bonus in which the player will recover a certain percentage of the net loss on his player account over a certain period of time. This will be returned to the player in the form of cash or bonus.

Most people are probably hoping to l’money when’they’is to recover’money d’a casino, and c’is because’they can then do what’they want with that money. But the truth is that it’is usually l’bonus money that is returned to the player, but it is not’is not too bad either because you can try again to win the amazing payouts that the casino is offering you. VS’is like having a "second chance" as the English say, you will have another chance at’try the exact same game if it’do you want to.

As for what you can expect to collect, this’is between 5% and 25% of what you lost in the period the campaign is running. VS’is like taking a chance without such a big risk, because you know you will get back some of what you lose anyway, so it doesn't’not much to say if you lose.

But it is very important that you read all the rules before you start playing in a cashback campaign, as there are many different rules that may apply.’apply. It is very difficult for us to tell you everything, because it depends on the casinos. VS’it's up to them to decide which rules they want to define in their casino.

THE’something else you need to be a little bit aware of is that these are usually the preselected games in question in these promotions. So not all casino games are’not apply to this, so it is very important to check this before you start playing.

Sometimes c’is even just a game that this promotion s’applies, and then it will only be on this game that you will recover some of the loss that you are likely to experience when playing the casino game.

The different variations of the Cashback Bonus

Each online casino has its own approach and concept but the’there are generally 4 types of cashback bonus

Cashback bonus for new customers (Welcome bonus)

We'll want to start with the new version of this special bonus. You will find more and more casino providers who do not offer you deposit bonus or free spins as a welcome bonus, but offer you cashback. Some cashback casinos even give you the choice of l’ option you want to have as part of your first deposit.

THE’ advantage over the classic variant is that’with this refund you have fewer conditions and can usually choose the games freely. So you n’are not only limited to slots like Book of Dead, Starburst or Mega Moolah, but can also play roulette or blackjack without restrictions. If you use cashback bonuses at the best online casinos, you get as much freedom as possible and always have some sort of safety net that catches up with you if luck doesn't.’is not on your side.

Live Casino Cashback Bonus

Those who like to play blackjack, roulette or baccarat with a real dealer in the live casino usually face a problem, as classic bonus offers very often exclude the live dealer area. What you often see, however, is live casino cashback..

With this cashback offer you can relax and unwind. If you n’have no luck’one of the live tables, you will receive a portion of the casino cashback for another try. However, be sure to always play with the best strategy. So use strategy cards with blackjack and focus on simple odds like red / black or even / odd at roulette in the live casino..

Cashback bonus for existing players

Those d’between you who have been in online casinos for a long time have probably already seen a cashback casino promotion. This is generally limited in time. Anything from a few hours to a month, Usually l’action is limited to a specific game or category of games such as slot machines.

This variant is often used by online game libraries to attract l’pay attention to the offers. You should always keep your eyes open and strike if you like to play the games covered by the promotion or s’they have a high payout ratio. This will help you get some sort of’ insurance in case of loss and to take advantage of good opportunities to win. With some providers, as an existing customer, you will also find a weekly promotional program in which a day is often set aside for a cashback promotion.

VIP Cashback programs for loyal players

Loyal players receive various bonuses and discounts in the VIP program or in the VIP Club. Often times they offer the best cashback deals from casinos like the’one of these exclusive advantages. As a general rule, depending on the level, there is a higher cashback, both in percentage and in absolute terms. So if you are busy collecting VIP points, you are also working on your refund options at the same time.

The reimbursement is mainly made on all missions with a monthly cashback. So you have more credit on the player account for slot machines like Book of Ra and Co, if a month does not go by.’is not going so well. Depending on the online casino provider, you are either automatically in the VIP program or you have to explicitly register for it. If you n’are not sure about this, just contact customer service via live chat, email or hotline.

How to recognize a good cashback bonus?

When’a cashback bonus is considered good for you, of course it depends on your own playing behavior and preferences.

Nonetheless, we want to briefly summarize what makes a good cashback bonus..

A good cashback bonus:

  • Offer more. More c’is more - a value like 25% cash back is excellent
  • Comes with a good maximum score. There is always a limit, but keep an eye out for amounts like $ 5,000 in cashback
  • You will be paid directly and without wagering conditions
  • Will be credited over a period of time that suits your playing behavior
  • Can be easily perceived, ideally automatically
  • Should not have minimal loss to be usable


At the end of my article, I would like to go over all the points. Casino Cashback is your safety net against a big loss and is especially suitable for long term players and when things aren't going so well with a profit. If you are participating in a VIP program, the’bonus money is often automatically made available to you.

Especially for live casino enthusiasts, c’is often the only option for a bonus. My recommendation is that you always keep an eye out for cashback promotions. Do it like a professional stock trader and protect yourself against losses. In the best case scenario, you don't’will never use cashback. But when things aren't going so well, you're happy to be there’to have. Depending on the casino, you get daily casino cashback or weekly or monthly cashback.

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