The first time you read the game title, you might find that Cygnus is the name of the game.’a star. Or maybe a galaxy if you don't’are not sure. But then you open the game and you end up in the’Ancient Egypt. The Northern Cross is highlighted in the background and Cygnus happens to be l’one of the stars of this constellation.

Cygnus slot review and review

A massive pyramid dominates the’background. The stars shine in the sky and the palm trees stand out dark in the’shadow of the night. The scrolls are framed by two shiny and yet quite strange obelisks. The question arises as to whether the aliens actually built the pyramids and whether they could have come from Cygnus. The slot machine seems to suggest it.

General information about Cygnus

Cygnus is therefore a slot machine based on the constellation of the Northern Cross and its connection with the pyramids of Giza. The arrangement of the vending machine n’is not quite the usual kind, but you can still tell that’it consists of six wheels - or columns with symbols is probably a more correct term. It also consists of five lines, but this n’is also not a completely precise concept as it changes as you play. However, we will go into more detail on this later in this article.’exam.

We are in the’Ancient Egypt and to the right of the pyramid in the background we can see the famous Northern Cross and c’is the juxtaposition of the constellation with the pyramids of Giza which is the setting here. The music in the game is enchanting and as it s’acts of’a version called "mobile first" d’ELK Studios, this means that Cygnus has l’look great on mobile phones and tablets. On both sides of the slot we see two pillars that also have a role in the game - but more on that later..

The symbols are round and reminiscent of marbles, and here we win three gems, a green pelican, a blue camel, a red cat and a 7er designed like a poker chip. This last symbol is the most valuable in the game and if you roll 3, 4, 5 or 6 d’between them in a combination, this will give you a win corresponding to 5, 10, 15 and 30 times the stake, respectively, and this n’is therefore that’a matter of crossing your fingers as you can to land such a combination while playing!

As they’acts of’a slot machine that offers you 4096 ways to win, you need 3 or more matching symbols along the adjacent columns, but the combination must, like d’usual, start on spool 1 / column 1.

When you achieve a victory, we are presented with a brand new game mechanic which is very special but at the same time incredibly elegant. Here the symbols use gravity and can fall to the right or left after a win / avalanche streak and thus form new winning combinations on the same turn - j’will come back also.

The wild symbol is in place

The game also has a wild symbol which acts as a joker and therefore replaces all other symbols in the game at the same time.’except the bonus symbol and the multiplier scatter. A wild symbol can therefore be included in n’any ordinary combination and thus helps us to achieve winning combinations. Thanks to its properties, the symbol can also be used in several combinations at the same time.

The Avalanche function

Like many others slot machines d’ELK Studios, such as Tahiti Gold, you can also take advantage of the Avalanche feature in Cygnus - but in a slightly different form than we are used to. When you get a winning combination, the symbols in that combination explode and disappear. The new symbols will then roll to the right or left and fill in the empty spaces, which can therefore give you the opportunity to form new winning combinations..

The Avalanche / Paylines function will continue as long as new combinations are formed. With each winning streak, there are also additional symbols on the reels that allow you to win.’get more rows in height - and you can get up to’with eight rows in turn which also means you have more ways to win. In fact, with eight active lines you will get 262,144 ways to win, and here you will see how many ways to win you get for each additional line:

4 lines = 4096 ways to earn
5 lines = 15625 ways to earn
6 lines = 46656 ways to earn
7 lines = 117649 ways to earn
8 lines = 262,144 ways to win


Look for the spread of the multiplier and cross your fingers so that the symbol reaches the "bottom" of the slot machine.. If this happens, the multipliers will increase to 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and finally 64x! So you need to get several scatters d’straight into the next payline to increase the multiplier, and if you win a payout with an active multiplier, the payout will be multiplied by the current value - and that can be up to 64x! It goes without saying that the gains can then be very high.!

Free Drops = free spins / free spins in Cygnus

The Cygnus slot machine also offers us free spins, but here she s’calls Free Drops. VS’is a cool bonus and you activate the free spins when the bonus symbol hits the left pillar (using gravity). This will give you a total of 7 free spins, and all of these spins are played with 8 lines and therefore 262,144 ways to win.

The good news is that the spread of the multiplier is sticky, which means that’it is easier to’get a 64x multiplier! You also have the option to reactivate the free spins while the free spins are in progress, and you have the option to’get a maximum of 14 free spins.


Theoretical return to player (RTP) in online casinos is 96.10%, which is quite average. The slot machine is also quite volatile, which means that’careful budgeting is the order of the day. However, thanks to the cascading victories and the’widening the ranks, winning does not seem very difficult. VS’is just that wins are usually not very important.

Cygnus would have adapted rather well to the Gold series with the’adventurer Kane. Indeed, we expected to see him in Egypt as soon as possible.. Well, although Cygnus gives us an Egyptian theme with extraterrestrial elements and that’there is definitely a resemblance to Gold Slots, this game stands out.

What surprised us the most, c’is how playable Cygnus is. This has the’look and maybe a little more complicated than it looks’is. The features work great together and the mechanics are efficient. This slot machine is a lot of fun and will keep you playing for a long time.

Plus, the profit potential is definitely there.. While the maximum win may be 5,000 times our stake or $ 500,000, we have seen some nice wins in the Free Drops at almost 200x our stake.. And c’is also a great slot machine. So watch the game when you have it’opportunity.