With Rise of Merlin from Play’n Go, you now have the option of’use the skills of this famous magician in your favor and win tons of prizes. This slot machine promises not only a lot of magic, but also a lot of fun and exciting chances to win. You can find out what you can really expect from this Slot Machine and how it is played in our Rise of Merlin Slot Review, in which we have compiled all of our Rise of Merlin experiences for you at a glance.’eye.

The Rise of Merlin Slot Machine Review

The Rise Of Merlin Theme.

Rise of Merlin is an online slot machine game of Play’n GO with a fantastic theme. The animated slot machine offers impressive graphics, with the reels located in a beautiful room with extraordinary lighting effects. The symbols of the game are dragons, owls and crystal balls. - You will have the feeling of diving into a truly magical world.

You can always expect an exceptional and special design of the slots from Play.’n GO. Even with a theme as widely used as’a mystical wizard, the developer managed to give the game a new direction. In Rise of Merlin, the magician becomes a modern character with a more current look than in d’other slot machine games. It creates a unique gaming experience that we really loved.

Rise of Merlin characteristic.

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The magician of the court of’Arthur doesn't think much about special symbols, because Play ‘n Go n’gave the Rise of Merlin “Slot Machine” that’only one special symbol. This "power ball" combines the properties of’a scatter and d’a wild symbol and is also responsible for starting the free spins round.
Scatter symbols get their name from the fact that’they are not tied to paylines. The English word "scatter" means something like "scattered" and describes the properties of symbols quite well. It doesn't matter that’there are several of these symbols on a reel or that’there are holes in the middle of the suit, these symbols always count.

Wild symbols have the ability to substitute for d’other symbols and therefore function as a kind of wild symbol. S’there is a wild symbol in a combination, it is counted as an ordinary symbol and may have filled the’difference. Of course, this not only works in the middle of’a combination, but also at the beginning or at the end. THE’evaluation always takes place by profit line. If several combinations are possible, the most advantageous will of course always be chosen..

At least three of these power balls activate the free spins mode, in which 8 free spins are always credited. During the free spins round, a random symbol is chosen which becomes a self-expanding symbol for the duration. S’there is a large number of this symbol on the coils, they can expand and thus cover entire coils.

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Up to’to nine symbols can be added in this way. In addition, the symbol receives the properties of the scatter symbol and n’is more related to paylines. The free spins round can be extended by collecting more power balls. For at least three coins there are still 8 free spins. THE’extension selects a new symbol as the d symbol’expansion.

After each victory, the player has the choice of wagering his previous coins and d’enter the game at risk or d’cash out and continue playing. If you choose the first one, you have to make a prediction on the next card drawn. If you choose the right color (red, black) or the right card symbol (diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs), the bet is either doubled or even quadrupled. After each spin you have to decide again if you want to use the winnings you have received until’now, but one wrong prediction means losing the entire bet.

Free spins are the biggest attraction on this slot machine.

The crystal ball is the scatter symbol in Rise of Merlin. If the crystal ball appears at least three times, the free spins are activated. In the free spins there is an expanding symbol which is chosen at random. This can create an attractive scenario where large parts of the playing field are suddenly filled with the same symbol. Free spins can lead to big wins.

A maximum profit of 250,000 coins can be made at Rise of Merlin. Even with a simply designed slot machine, it is possible to win lucrative sums if the game mechanics are designed accordingly. Of course, there is also a wild symbol, which is aptly referred to as a wild symbol in Rise of Merlin. The crystal ball n’is not only the scatter symbol but also the wild symbol in the game. All symbols are replaced by the wild symbol.

With Rise of Merlin, Play’n GO s’for players who don't want to study elaborate instructions, but want to be right in the middle of the game.’action. Arthurian legend n’is not a new topic for the slot machine games. But Play’n GO ne s’is not yet devoted to this legend, which n’is not only very popular in England. If Rise of Merlin is successful, chances are more slots around King Arthur will appear soon..

Rise of Merlin offers attractive graphics and simple gameplay that is fun with music.’play money and’real money. Like D’usual with Play’n GO, Rise of Merlin will be available from the start for desktop PCs as well as smartphones and tablets. Rise of Merlin n’is not just an exciting slot machine for fans of the’English history and Arthurian legend,


Rise of Merlin is a good slot machine that offers you good opportunities to win. The design is attractive and goes very well with the magical theme of the slot machine. The graphics are also impressive. Epic background music and proper sound effects create the right atmosphere when playing. With good payouts, you can earn big sums of money.’silver at Rise of Merlin.

When you play Rise of Merlin in a online casino, you can get the highest profit by filling all symbol positions with Merlin. The bonus game with expanding symbols can also be s’prove to be useful here. In L’together we really enjoyed Rise of Merlin. Only the number of bonus can be extended, as there is a little lack of variety. Nevertheless, our conclusion is positive, which is also reflected in our rating. .

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  • Jonathan

    One of my favorite slots, sometimes gets as cold as weeks, but i’get a lot of good bonuses with a lot of retriggers l’adore! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Delmas

    No disgust as such, other than slightly reduced payouts for the majority of symbols, when you compare to its counterparts

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