We've played a lot of slots before, but Viking Runecraft is something new. In principle, the Play cracker’n Go n’is not actually a slot machine, but almost a video game. And this n’is not just because of the amazing graphics and great animations, the’whole game system is different from all others slot machines of the market.

Playn Go's Viking Runecraft review

This becomes clear when you first look at the “rolls”. Instead of’a 5-roll, 3-row arrangement or’a similar banal design, there is a screen with 7x7 rows which is more reminiscent of games like Candy Crush than regular slot machines. Similar to this title, the symbols fall out of place from above. And with each winning combination, the corresponding symbols are inflated and replaced with new ones, so that the wins can turn into series.

The mad disposition n’is not the only specialty of Viking Runecraft. There are a number of ingenious bonus features, a tier system in which players with advanced playing time can level up, and various other features that reward the player for longer sessions and have a motivating effect similar to the features. similar computer games.

We also don't know how we missed Viking Runecraft for so long, but now it’is definitely there’one of our favorite slot machines. An absolutely awesome game that’no slots fan should miss!

How To Play Viking Runecraft Slots.

As you can l’imagine, each slot machine has its own set of rules and there are many different types of games. Before you can spin these rollers and enter the’arena of the norse gods, you have to learn how to place bets. Just adjust your coin size, keep rolling the rollers as many times as you want, press the rotary knob and c’left!

If you like video slots and you love Vikings, you've come to the right place. But before you start in a online casino, be aware that the game may seem quite complicated at first glance. Add to that the large number of additional features that players can use. But once you l’have, you go there’love!

If you get five matching symbols, horizontally or vertically, you will be rewarded with a payout. Explosive winning symbols make way for new winning symbols with the ability to form winning groups. Explosive symbols are added to the counter; 20 trigger l’accusation of’annihilation. As you progress through each stage, a god will help you find winning groups and move on.’next step.

How To Win The Viking Runecraft Slot Machine.

Players have to match the models on the playing field in order to climb the different levels to the level of the gods.

There are a variety of very lucrative features, including the cascading reels where the symbols drop down.’at the top, the winning combinations disappearing and being replaced by a new set of symbols which always offer more chances of winning.

Viking Runecraft bonus features.

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Ok where do we start Viking Runecraft's bonus list is almost endless.

All d’First, after each game turn without a win, it is possible that the’one of the 4 random characteristics occurs and gives the player a little surprise. These characteristics come in the form of various Viking gods. Thor lets lightning strike the field, creating up’to 9 wild symbols. Odin spawns 4 pairs of Wilds on the field. Freya creates wilds in 4 areas of the playing field up to’what’at least one victory is obtained. And Heimdall creates at least one game in each row.

Then there is the level system. If the player plays for a long time, he can upgrade to several levels. These are achieved as soon as the player unlocks patterns on the playing field through winning combinations generated. On reaching a new level, the’one of the four gods is triggered.

The next characteristic is the runes of Valhalla. When the player creates winning combinations with a type of rune, that rune is activated in the upper left corner of the’screen. As soon as all the runes are activated, the bonus game “Runes of Valhalla” is triggered. A wheel of fortune appears at the’screen, where the player wins a random bonus amount. This amount is also increased by 12% of the symbolic price amounts..

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Then there's the incredibly cool “Destructive Charge” feature. At the bottom left of the’screen, there is an indicator that loads slowly as the game progresses when the player reaches winning combinations with runes. As soon as the’display is full, l’one of the 4 functions is triggered at random: In "Fenris Wolf’s Fury ”, four lines of diagonal symbols are selected.

Two d’between them are then deleted and the others are replaced by the same symbol. “Judgment of the Midgard Serpent” selects a series of consecutive symbols on the field. Some d’between them are then transformed into the same symbol. For "Flames of the Surt", 3 different symbols are selected. Neighboring symbols are destroyed, selected symbols are duplicated. And with "Lure of Loki", two different symbols are selected on the playing field. A group is destroyed, the’other is transformed into the same symbol.

But this n’was not yet all. Viking Runecraft also has a free spins feature with the cool name "Ragnarök". This is triggered if the player wins over 20 symbols after triggering the destruction charge. While in operation, all gains increase the load on the multiplier up to’at 15x. And if the player does not generate any winnings with the free spins, all the features of Destruction Charge will be triggered.’one after l’other to quickly change that.

Viking Runecraft On Cell Phones - Android, IP Phones & Tablets.

We would say that’a lot is happening with this legendary game and that it’is a definite advantage that’it is accessible and playable on all types of’devices. In fact, the roles work well on every device we've tested them on, not least due to the cutting edge graphics and the overall high quality of the game. Whether you want to play at home or on the go, you won't be disappointed..


With Viking Runecraft, Play’n Go has created something very special. VS’is a video slot machine that is unlike a video slot machine and offers the player an almost endless number of bonuses. Even stubborn gamers don't’will not get bored of the title so quickly.

The graphics, animations and effects are beautiful and create a perfect theme. Even though the playing field seems a little confusing from time to time, all the winning combinations are very well marked and the player always knows exactly what is going on. And the betting options are extensive enough to satisfy all types of players alike..

In principle, we cannot say much more about Viking Runecraft than this’is a must have game for slots fans. Like all major video slots, the game is available in the best online casinos and can be played there for free or with’real money. Both variations are extremely entertaining, but only the latter makes you really happy..

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  • Didier

    Viking Runecraft is a slot machine inspired by the Viking theme of Play’n Go that I've known for a while. To be honest, for a long time I didn’didn't really understand the hype behind the game, I know it’is quite a popular game and many players l’like, but i don't’never spent much time with it, so it didn't seem like a game to my liking. However, recently i’spent more time with him and i’had some decent wins, realized the potential of the game.

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