The slot machine NetEnt millionaire Mega Fortune takes place in the sparkling world of Miami, where only the’money and status matter. Slot machine shows mega yachts, champagne and expensive watches and lots of chances to win.

NetEnt's Mega Fortune Slot Machine Review

In the beautiful and rich world of Miami, he shines on every reel. No player should be surprised s’he finds only the noblest symbols in this impressive machine, which s’fit perfectly into the noble world of the luxury slot machine. From the start, with l’Mega Fortune slot experience, we have come to the following conclusion that poker is really high here. The disdainful mammoth is clearly at the center of this game. Each player can assume that the payouts are high accordingly..

In our Mega Fortune Slots Review, we took a closer look at the world of millionaires and we felt like millionaires in no time, because the’money n’really don't’importance here. Indeed, with the multiple progressive jackpots that the machine has to offer, there is a great chance for a carefree millionaire life. Additionally, our Mega Fortune Slot Machine Test found that’there are three different jackpots, with the sound names Mega, Major and Rapid. THE’attractive NetEnt slot machine presents itself with elite themed graphics and a slightly lively sound - and d’a way or d’another, everything here has style and level. Superlatives are visible in all areas of Mega Fortune.

If you want to become a millionaire yourself, you don't’have no bad cards thanks to our Mega Fortune slot experience. This n’is not for nothing that’one of the highest casino winnings on the internet has come from the Mega Fortune slot machine. So in Miami!

How to play Mega Fortune ?

Before’invest too much’money, you should look for a online casino deemed or a Certified casino where you can play Mega Fortune Slot Machine for free and test it out first. The Millionaire slot machine is available in almost all the best online casinos. Sometimes you can even try out the Mega Fortune without signing up. Some casinos require registration before giving players l’ virtual credit access activated. But even with a no-obligation registration, you can play the game without making a play money deposit..

Interested players should familiarize themselves with the structure and rules of the slot machine sufficiently before their first game in order to’get a feel for the different functions. If you have been playing in fun mode, you should play Mega Fortune Slot Machine at online casinos with some money.’real money, at least if you want to earn real money. If you are playing the Mega Fortune Slot Machine with’real money you will experience a lot more fun.

Bonus and free spin.

The lucrative bonus round, which you can access via the wheel of fortune, as soon as you’it appears on three adjacent reels is remarkable. In this extremely attractive bonus round, everyone has the unique chance to win the’one of the progressive jackpots. The yellow drop d’gold in the noble bottles of champagne, which imitates the dispersion, as well as the noble sunglasses are among the icons of high quality. If at least three of these precious symbols are displayed on the deluxe reels, these immediately start the free spins round..

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One thing can be said, the maker of the Mega Fortune Realm slot machine in the city of superlatives n’is really not stingy with free spins. But the slot machine adds another strong point, because during the free spins a multiplier with a factor of five comes into play, which increases the winnings by five times. Those who still can't get their throat full will be surprised by the bonus symbol. If you want to hit the jackpot all you need to do is place three bonus symbols on a payline from left to right.

If you are successful in doing so, you can expect to become a member of the Millionaires Club. Players who also like being able to spin the wheel of fortune have the free ticket to stop the precious wheel again. However, this must happen at the right time to be able to s’get involved with the super-rich. At this point, however, the player shouldn't feel like a new millionaire too soon, as only the Second Wheel of Fortune gives them the chance to get one step closer to the coveted jackpot..

Limits and chance to win !

NetEnt Mega Fortune - Neardoggmusic Review

The Mega Fortune Slot Machine is a five reel luxury reel slot machine with at least three symbols being placed. Each player has’a total of 25 paylines available. All players' wagering amounts go into the progressive jackpot. This n’that is’as well as’it is possible to leave the luxury yacht as a multimillionaire. The graphic design can be described as thematic successes as the motto luxury and wealth is evidently encapsulated in all symbols. Despite the few symbolic motifs, NetEnt has managed to portray the sparkling world of Miami in the form of superlatives..

Mega Fortune presents its world of wealth with matching luxury symbols such as yachts, stretch white limousines, wads of’money, dollar signs, valuable rings and watches, as well as expensive champagne and cigars. Just everything what the heart of’a millionaire desires. The Mega Fortune Slot Machine also gives the savage and the scatter a place on the luxury yacht. This is noticed in a positive way for the player, because the two symbols represent d’huge gains.

The bonus symbol stands sublime above everything, because with any luck it fills the player account. The champagne is clearly l’one of the most precious symbols. The luxury yellow drink d’or n’is not only counted individually, but also took on the role of scatter symbol. S’he shows himself three times on the noble luxury rolls, he gives the player free spins valid.

The mega yacht acts as a wild symbol in the slot and can therefore replace all other symbols. Only scatter champagne is excluded. The bonus symbol is also l’one of the guests and therefore cannot be replaced by the game. If you board the mega-yacht and place three bonus symbols on the Miami glittering reels, you will work your way into the bonus game, spin the millionaire wheel and play for bundles of’money.


Mega Fortune has turned a few people into millionaires. A student won 17 million’euros in 2013 with the Net Entertainment slot machine! It goes without saying that the online slot machine quickly became an absolute legend. VS’is actually unnecessary, but we'll say it anyway: everyone should try their luck here. Because the very big profit is definitely attractive with Mega Fortune!

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  • Ivan

    VS’is a good match. Keeps you busy. Sometimes you win small amounts. The graphics are good. Fun to play.

  • Claude

    Becoming a millionaire is a dream for many people. VS’was also mine and I still know that it’is possible and that I can make it happen someday. But having millions for me would mean something different. They’acts of’help people who really need’money and’use at d’other purposes as well. Being born in a so-called rich house, with a famous lawyer, n’was not at all easy. J’always had it all, but I never felt special, nor thought I was one, but being the girl of’a hard-working lawyer who is respected for what’he actually meant the world to me. J’love to have’money and j’love spending it too, so winning a million at Mega Fortune would definitely make my life ecstatic.

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