Anyone who deals a bit with the subject of slots in online casinos will definitely know the Gonzo online slot machine’s Quest. VS’is a very well-known machine from NetEnt, which also very often does’object of’bonus offers. With this manufacturer, basic issues like safety and reliability are also covered. The locations have been verified and meet the requirements. In the following text we explain what is important with this Slot Machine, what the player should consider and what’he can win.

Gonzo's Quest Slot Review

This game n’has not lost its charm since its release in 2010. C’was NetEnt's first premium slot game to set the bar high in terms of gameplay, features and graphics. The video d’entertaining introduction allows you to fully immerse yourself in the subject. In which you join the funny hunter off the coast of Peru. Who jumps over the ships and goes alone in search of the legendary city of’gold, El Dorado.

This game has d’first introduced the iconic Avalanche feature. This not only gives you the chance to win multiple times in each spin, but also a chance for high profits through the multiplier. The free spin function The "free falls" are a real highlight here and can multiply the winnings up to’at 15x. We will get into the details of the game in the next section of the review.

How to play Gonzo’s What? The rules at a glance’eye

Gonzo's established game mechanics’s Quest are revolutionary. However, this does not make the game difficult in any way. The rules are incredibly simple and allow you to’get into the game quickly. 20 paylines are permanently activated. As in many slot machines, you can choose between different bet levels and chosen coin values..

All you have to do is choose your own betting limit and start spinning. As with most NetEnt slots games, the autoplay feature is included. So you can choose how many turns you want to play with, lean back and relax. The advanced autoplay rules allow you to decide when in the game the automatic spins should be stopped. This can be stopped, for example, if you make a profit, tap the free fall function or if your balance changes.

The paytable: symbols, winning combinations and payouts.

The theme of the game comes from the’era of the Spanish conquerors and explorers of’South America. This is reflected in the Mayan style symbols. There are 7 basic symbols. The symbols with the highest value contain a number of eye-catching faces and masks. Line up 5 of the symbols with a blue and gold mask for the highest payout of 2500x. The symbols that are worth less show the sculptures of’animals’bestial appearance.

The game also includes a wild symbol. The symbol decorated with the dot d’query can replace all symbols without exception. Keep your eyes peeled for the golden symbol of free fall. This n’appears only on reels 1, 2 and 3. Row 3 free fall symbols in a winning line trigger d’other functions .

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As already mentioned in the Gonzo Slot Machine Review’s Quest, the game stands out for its avalanche function. The symbols s’snap into the wheel instead of spinning and each winning combination triggers an avalanche. You will see the winning symbols explode and disappear from the wheel. This creates a new space for new symbols which fall from’up and take their place. Avalanches continue until’what’a new profit has been made. So you can earn multiple payouts from’only one paid tour. With each new avalanche, the profit multiplier increases. THE’initial avalanche has a multiplier of 1x, which increases to 2x, 3x and 5x.

Gonzo bonus rounds and jackpot’s Quest.

Gonzo’s Quest n’is not a progressive jackpot, therefore jackpot wins are not possible. It doesn’There are also no bonus rounds in the truest sense of the word with this machine. However, Gonzo’s Quest has a function called d’avalanche. This means that the winning symbols "explode" and new symbols drop out.’up. There is a single multiplier for the first avalanche, a double multiplier for the second, a triple multiplier for the third avalanche, and when four or more of those avalanches are triggered, there is a multiplier of five. The free falls - the free spins - can go up to’to a multiplier of 15.

Compatibility - Instant Play, Download, Mobile.

Gonzo's Quest - Mobile Game

Make a game compatible with mobile devices n’has never been more important to game developers. More and more players are choosing to play casino games on their smartphone or tablet. NetEnt adopted this trend for mobile games in early 2011. There they released their first selection of NetEnt Touch games for mobile games. Gonzo’s Quest was the first mobile game launched by NetEnt The game runs smoothly and flawlessly. And offers the same exciting gameplay (as with the desktop version).

The mobile version of Gonzo’s Quest can be played on a wide variety of’devices. It is compatible with iOS systems and Android. In all NetEnt casinos Well-known slot machine appears in the selection of mobile games. It doesn’slot machine games on the go has never been easier. You can visit our recommended casinos and play the slots in your browser right away. You can also download the apps with the game from iTunes and Google play. VS’is up to you to decide if you use a browser game or download an app.


Gonzo's Quest - Neardoggmusic Review

The good Gonzo may have been under his belt for a few years, but no’has lost none of his fascination and his adventure. The machine is still l’one of the most popular from NetEnt. This is due to several factors. For example, the jungle-like background sounds ensure that the player feels good in the middle. Symbols, on the other hand, have something mystical about them, as it cannot be determined exactly what’they are supposed to represent.

The stones look like Inca symbols or the faces of statues of’idols. But whatever you interpret in them, they fit the subject. The avalanche function of the machine also ensures fun. Especially in light of the fact that NetEnt has waived a bonus round and a jackpot. This feature d’Avalanche also differs from the conventional, rotating rollers. The machine's RTP is 95.97% serious, but rather in the middle if you look at’other slots. But Gonzo’s Quest does not lose any of its fascination.

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    Gonzo’s Quest is l’one of the most popular and renowned games from NetEnt! With 5 Avalanche reels and 20 paylines.

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