Online Blackjack is the’one of the most popular and fastest casino table games in the world. Although easy to learn, real success requires’experience, strategy and know-how. Become a real money blackjack expert today’hui, starting with our comprehensive guide to playing online. Discover the different types of blackjack, our recommended online casinos and betting tips as well as the distribution of the best bonuses.

THE’one of the most popular card games in the world, Blackjack is a staple of both live and online casinos, testing players' knowledge, conscience and courage when playing.’they face the dealer or the random number generator.

Online Blackjack is an easy-to-learn card game that has captivated millions of players for centuries. You are unlikely to find a casino without a few blackjack games going on, surrounded by players aiming to hit, split and double their way to wealth..

THE’essence of blackjack is’try to make a hand with a better score than the croupier, with a total of 21 being the best possible hand. In Blackjack, tens, jacks, queens and kings are each worth ten, while aces are worth one or eleven. An ace and a face card or 10 make "Blackjack", which all regulars like to see in front of them on the felt..

We offer different forms of online Blackjack at stake levels for all portfolios - from penny stakes to big bucks, there is a seat waiting for you. See the full list of variants in the list on the left of your screen.

How to play blackjack

Whether you are pressing buttons online or playing on the felt in a live casino, the object of Blackjack is simple: to make a hand with a higher score than the dealer, without going over 21, to win.. 

The game begins with the players placing their bets, after which the dealer gives each player two cards (called hole cards) and deals one card to each other.. 

Players then choose to receive additional cards or s’stick to their current hand. The dealer then completes his own hand, usually standing on a score of 17 or higher, and the hand with the highest score wins.. The best possible score is 2. Now that you know the rules of the game, how to play blackjack safely on the internet.?

  • Choose a reliable gaming site - Most of reliable online casinos, especially those affiliated with major software vendors. If these gaming sites do not’were unreliable, they would have gone out of business a long time ago. But there are still more than a few night flight operations that lure players in with smart promotions and then make it nearly impossible to withdraw from it.’real money. When you select a online casino To play blackjack, always make sure to check the published blacklists for rogue casinos as well as the lists of top rated casinos before depositing any funds. Also look for certification by a reputable third-party authority such as eCOGRA or Technical Systems Testing (TST).
  • Know how to collect - Before’committing funds in an online casino, it is d’of crucial importance to know how to remove from’money. This n’is not because deposits can be made through PayPal, for example, that earnings can be transferred in the same way. The FAQ section of the gaming site should provide specific instructions for withdrawals, including the methods available, at any time.’minimum waiting time required, the time to’expected wait, associated costs and documentation, if any, required. It may be necessary to verify their identity, address and banking information before’make a withdrawal. Don't be a victim of’a maze of compliance details. Inform yourself before risking this first bet.
  • Read the fine print - THE’one of the worst nightmares of any USA blackjack player is to win big at the table and then find that the winnings are "subject to a play requirement forty times (40X) before funds can be withdrawn from the casino." Account. " This most often happens in conjunction with a promotion, such as a deposit match bonus or a welcome package for a new player.. Familiarize yourself with all the details before signing up for any "free cash" or similar offers.
  • Invest in appropriate hardware / software - It is the nature of machines to break down and, of course, Murphy's Law s’fully applies to online gaming - whatever problem may arise it will happen and it will happen at the worst possible time. Invest in protections such as’a surge protector, broadband modem, sufficient bandwidth and adequate RAM can help prevent a collapse caused by the’equipment. If connectivity seems slow or intermittent, don't play. Make sure the hardware and software specifications match the standards of the gaming site.
  • Protection against theft - Theft of’identity is a major problem these days. Make sure all game account information and passwords are well protected. Limit or exclude d’other people of the’access to a computer or mobile. Always log out when a gaming session is over. Use anti-virus software to set up firewalls and regularly check for spyware. Good gaming sites do their best to protect privacy on their end, but real security is a two-way street.. Take the same precautions with an online casino account that would be used to ensure the safety of’a credit card or’a bank account.
  • Avoid a tax nightmare - Most countries’expect players to dutifully declare all of their gambling earnings each year, including amounts won at online gambling sites. If an audit takes place, it is the player's responsibility to provide records of how much was won and / or lost. VS’is why most accountants advise players to keep accurate records, win or lose. Data is valuable as evidence of’activities and can help avoid’huge headaches on the road.
  • Don't lose control - Gambling addiction is another major danger that can threaten not only earnings but also livelihoods and relationships. There is help readily available through organizations like Sos players and Players-info-service for anyone who thinks gambling can become a problem. Common symptoms include constant preoccupation or fixation on gambling, betting more often and in greater amounts, betting up’to the last penny available and an inability to’stop and s’remove. D’others chase losses in an attempt to win them back, by gambling on credit or using funds to pay bills and living expenses, lying to family and friends about gambling and deteriorating relationships. When playing blackjack stops’be fun, maybe it's time to’Stop.

The different types of Blackjack.

Card game blackjack is based on many different card games, so’Over time, many new variants have emerged from the established variant. The ultimate goal is always to’achieve blackjack, but there are many adaptations, completely new interpretations and changed rules of the game in the variations. Some of these variations of the original blackjack game have meanwhile developed their own casino games, which we will now introduce and explain to you in more detail..

Classic Blackjack: The card game known as classic blackjack, which l’found worldwide in casinos and online casinos, is played with eight decks of cards, each consisting of 52 cards. In the classic variant, the croupier does not receive a closed card and is obliged, according to the rules, to select the’"Hit" action on a soft 17 and therefore draw another card.

Atlantic City Blackjack: The game variant d’Atlantic City Blackjack is very close to the classic variant. The only, but serious, difference is that the dealer receives a faceoff card and immediately checks it for blackjack.. If so, the round is over.

Vegas Strip Blackjack: Vegas Strip Blackjack is the most popular version of Vegas Blackjack games due to its low house edge. It is played basically the same way as the classic game, but not with 2 but with 4 decks of playing cards. This means that your odds are better with a one-handed version. Multi-hand versions have a worse chance because the probability of’getting the right card is reduced.

As with Vegas Downtown Blackjack, in this game as well, if the player splits an ace and then receives a 10, the total is 21, but blackjack is not. The dealer in this game will no longer take a card on a soft 17, increasing his chances of winning. THE’increased chances of’a player winning hands ranges to 18 or more.

Most of the above games can be found at the online casino, where you can even play live blackjack in real time and with real dealers. Live blackjack games are really fun and very close to Las Vegas. But if blackjack doesn't’is not your game then maybe american or european roulette.

European Blackjack: played with six decks of 52 cards. The croupier does not receive a closed card and must draw 17 additional cards in the event of a soft ("hit"). You can only double your initial bet if you agree to only draw’an additional card after receiving your additional card.

Live Dealer Blackjack: If you are looking for the very special thrill of online blackjack, you should choose a provider from the list above that has a live casino. Here the game looks a bit more authentic, as a real dealer runs the game - the game table and events are shown here on the’l screen’computer or on the player's smartphone and tablet via streaming technology.

Some online casinos also offer live blackjack, but the licensed providers are particularly high quality. Annoying interruptions are just as impossible here as so-called "delays" (delays). A requirement here is of course a fast internet connection, c’is why Live Online Blackjack is ideally played via a WiFi connection (and not via a mobile data connection).

Pontoon:In Pontoon, players will find a variant of blackjack very close to the classic blackjack game system.. Pontoon is from Great Britain. It should be noted with this variant of the game, however, that’there are additional and adapted or slightly modified rules which make the classic strategy even more exciting. In the early days of pontoon, this variant of blackjack enjoyed’great popularity mainly in Australia, Great Britain, Malaysia and Singapore. 

However, that has changed dramatically with the boom in online casinos.. You can find the exceptionally tense Pontoon variant of Blackjack at digital casinos that work with BetSoft, Realtime Gaming and NetEnt. Pontoon is particularly recommended for advanced players and blackjack professionals.

  • Players must claim another card if their current hand is worth 14 points or less.
  • The dealer's cards cannot be seen - they are dealt face down.
  • Players can request ("hit") another card even if they are’they have already doubled.
  • In case of’tie, the bank or the dealer always wins.
  • The player can win against the dealer with a five card hand.
  • Unlike the classic version of the game, players can also double down if their hand consists of two to four cards..

Progressive Blackjack:Progressive jackpots are particularly popular on slot machines. But even with classic blackjack, there is a progressive game variation that gives players the chance to win big.. To play in progressive blackjack mode, simply place an optional bet before the dealer deals the playing cards.. The jackpot awaits you when you have four aces of the same suit.

 The progressive blackjack variant was developed by game maker Playtech. So if you like playing for progressive jackpots and preferably card game blackjack, keep an eye out for online casinos with blackjack games from Playtech.. Thanks to the high stakes of the players, it is possible

Blackjack Switch:This particular type of blackjack also differs in some places from the rules of the game.’original. The player does the’experience the most notable feature from the start of the game. Unlike most other variants, the player is dealt two hands with Blackjack Switch and has the option of’exchange cards between hands. Without exception, players and fans of the popular card game will only find this special option.’at Blackjack Switch. Based on the fact that in this variant of the game the player has two separate hands to play, he has to make two bets of the same amount. 

Blackjack Switch normally uses six decks of 52 cards each. In addition, as already mentioned above, the peculiarity of the’card exchange can be used here. Thus, the player is allowed to exchange the top card. Another advantage for the player with this variant is that the croupier must always draw another card on a soft 17 ("hit"). The change of blackjack can also lead to a tie between the player and the dealer, precisely when the dealer's hand exceeds the card value of 22 and player's hand no.’is not a no trade blackjack.

 Blackjack Switch can be found both at local casinos and at online casinos that use software from game maker Playtech. precisely when the dealer's hand is greater than 22 and player's hand is no longer’is not a no trade blackjack. Blackjack Switch can be found both at local casinos and at online casinos that use software from game maker Playtech. precisely when the dealer's hand is greater than 22 and player's hand is no longer’is not a no trade blackjack. Blackjack Switch can be found both at local casinos and at online casinos that use software from game maker Playtech.

Blackjack rule variations

Blackjack is a casino classic and the basics of the game remain the same no matter where you play.. However, there are several variations of Blackjack offered in casinos around the world, and the same is true for the world of online casinos..

Each variant of Blackjack can differ in small ways which can affect your strategy and offer more’options during one hand. The most common rule variations found in different Blackjack games are detailed below..

Hard 17 vs. Soft 17

THE’one of the main differences in blackjack variations is whether or not the dealer stands on a soft 17. 

A soft 17 is a hand totaling seven or 17 points that contains an ace. Because’an ace is rated at one point or 11 points, a soft 17 could also be rated at seven points and as such it is impossible to go bankrupt by adding another card. A hard 17 is the one who does’not include d’as, which means that its value n’is only 17.

In some variations of Blackjack, a dealer must stand on all hands valued at 17; in d’others, the croupiers stand only on a hard 17 and take d’other cards on a soft 17.

Splitting and doubling

In addition to hitting or standing, there are several different paths you can take with your hand. One of those actions is splitting, which is an option available if your hole cards are of equal rank (KQ, 6-6, etc.).

This option is available in all Blackjack games, but in some variations you can split hands over’Once. In d’other variations, you may or may not double the hands that have been split.

Some variants of Blackjack allow you to double down on two hole cards, while d’others restrict this option to certain starting point totals.

Insurance and even money

You can never be too careful. If the dealer's first card is an ace, some blackjack variations give you the option of insuring against the dealer making the blackjack.. This comes in the form of’a bet consisting of half of your initial stake, which pays 2: 1 if the dealer has Blackjack.

If you have received Blackjack, but the dealer shows an ace, you may automatically win a payout.’equal money and finish the hand there. If you are playing and the dealer is playing Blackjack, it is’is a push.


Sometimes it is enough to l’call a day. If you n’like your hand and the dealer has it’Strong tune, some Blackjack variations allow you to lose your hand and receive half your bet. This n’is usually not allowed when the dealer's first card is an ace.

Rules and operation of blackjack.

The rules of blackjack are relatively easy to learn. The dealership, also known as the dealership, has little to do with it. What you need to do then is part of’a blackjack strategy which we will discuss below. Some players adhere to a strict policy and no’no exception. D’others play according to their feelings and intuition without specific directions. THE’one or l’another approach can s’prove to be effective. VS’So it's up to you to decide how you approach the game.

THE’The advantage of blackjack is that you can choose what to do and just follow the general rules of the game. It is also important to know that different variations of the game are subject to different rules. However, the standard rules include the following:

Basic rules:

  • The object of the game is to beat the hand of the dealer with the highest score up to’to a maximum of 21.
  • The sum of the hand is the sum of the values ​​of the cards.
  • The ace card counts as one or 11. The 10 and face cards are counted as a ten point card..
  • Blackjack is formed with a ten point card and an ace.
  • A blackjack hand beats a total of 21, and dealer blackjack results in a push against the blackjack player.
  • Between one and eight decks of cards can be used.

Blackjack terms

If you n’have never played blackjack, here you can find some terms that are standard in the game. Here we give you the most used English terms and explain their meanings. It is very helpful to know these terms at the’advance and what’they mean. We N’are going to cover the most important ones that you absolutely must know before you start playing.

The blckjack
  • To touch: draw or deal another card from the stack that is added to the existing hand.
  • Stand: the’opposite of the hit. The player no longer wishes to receive cards.
  • Split: If the first two cards have the same values, the player can split his hand.. He then continues to play with two separate bets equal to the original bet..
  • Double: the player draws another card and doubles his bet.
  • Assurance: the player bets that the dealer will get blackjack.
  • Blackjack: A hand with a ten value card and an ace.
  • Push: A tie between the player and the dealer. Both have the same total score of 17 or more.

Odds and Payments.

Many believe that blackjack and its variations can be manipulated in online gambling. This n’however, is not the case, as a casino that makes such efforts will lose its license. A safe casino works with a verified random number generator, which is also subject to regular checks. This generator gives a truly random result for each card drawn. Apart from Live Blackjack, there is no’there is no shuffle in the digital version and each hand is generated completely randomly.

A payout rate should also be given which is given as a percentage and indicates how much of your money will be returned to you over a longer period. In blackjack, values ​​between 98% and around 99% are normal.

What is l’house edge in blackjack?

The house has an advantage in 21 style games; vs’is a fact with every casino game played against the house. However, online blackjack players using even the most basic strategy have more’advantage than in any other house casino game because of the odds inherent in the’planned approach. Basic strategy is a list of hands to hit, stay, double or split on. Games in which the dealer hits soft 17 slightly modify these rules. The two charts, detailing each hand and its strategy, can be found on n’any blackjack website. The house still maintains a slight advantage with basic strategy, but less if players strictly adhere to it..

Players can increase their chances of winning l’real money playing blackjack online by adjusting their strategies for single deck games versus multiple game games. The composition-dependent strategy, for example, reduces l’house advantage when players use total card counting points and the dealer's face up card. Players will hit some hands more often based on their tally, and hitting becomes safer than in d’other situations. THE’Using full card counting up / down helps players and greatly increases their chances of winning’real money when’they play blackjack online.

By using various blackjack strategies combined with our recommendations for the best real money online blackjack sites in the business, your odds automatically increase. Winning is easier when you have the’assurance that the site you are playing on has been hand-picked by professional blackjack players. The sites listed here offer the best odds, the most payouts for their players, and the best chances for players of all skill levels to win.’money.

The Benefits of Online Blackjack

Online blackjack

Free trial and great variety of games

Online the casino can be offered a number of different variations. These should only be programmed’once and are immediately available to a theoretically unlimited number of players. In casinos, a new table must be prepared for each new variant and generally a maximum of 7 players can play at a table at the same time..

You can also play all variants of blackjack online without any risk. Play money mode allows you to easily try out new variations or strategies .

You play in private

For various reasons, playing’interior of your four walls is certainly more attractive to some people.’between you what’in public. As a beginner, you may want to study the rules and put your uncertainty aside before you bet some money.’real money at a real table.

And not just as a high roller, it’is often more pleasant when one's own identity remains undetected by participating in games of chance. After all, what you do with your money is none of your business

Also reduces l’house advantage: no tip!

THE’avoidance n’is not a problem with a digital dealer. You can pocket winnings here without a bad conscience and not return anything to the dealer.’opposite. Thus, the theoretical payout rate remains unchanged.

Of course, in the online blackjack casino there is no’there are also no costs’entry, drink and travel possible, which in a casino affects the’advantage of the house to your disadvantage.

More interesting annex Paris

Since only the classic variant is played in casinos, there are rarely any side bets. In online blackjack casinos there are more than’options simply because of the larger selection of games. It doesn’is not uncommon’There are online blackjack jackpots that can be won with a matching side bet and, for example, four black aces or sevens. But bets on d’other combinations of cards such as pairs or certain scores are also possible.

History of Blackjack

The history of Blackjack

Blackjack has captivated casino and gambling hall players around the world for centuries - and its popularity shows no signs of waning.

It is generally believed that the game began in the 18th century, born as a card game called Vingt-et-Un (twenty-one) in USA gambling halls and casinos.. Several card games were all the rage in USA at the’era and Blackjack is considered to have evolved from this craze.

The game really took root in the hearts and l’spirit of the gambling public when Nevada became the first U.S. state to legalize gambling. Still called "21" at this time, it really became Blackjack when American casinos offered an extra payout on a winning hand that contained blackjack and l’Ace of Spades.

Since then, Blackjack has become the’one of the best known and most recognizable card games in the world. It can be played at virtually any casino you visit and, of course, online at our tables..

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