Neardoggmusic offers you in this article an ultimate guide to video poker: tips, variation, strategies and chances of winning

Video poker is a very popular game around the world. In USA , slot machines of video poker are an integral part of online casinos. And this since the first computers found their place in the world of casinos. Basically since the 1970s. The success of video poker was due to the fact that the threshold of’inhibition for playing poker was significantly lower.

After all, sitting with d’other players in a classic poker game. Some d’between them are professional poker players. And especially as a beginner, you feel in the spotlight and embarrassed when you make mistakes. This does not’not apply to video poker. And the playing principle of video poker is similar to that of classic poker. In addition, only online casinos offer the big bonus casino for new players.

How Video Poker Works ?

Video poker at online casinos is generally based on the five card poker variant. Qu is not a word’he chose his real money bet, the player receives the first five cards. Then he has the option of deciding which of these cards he wants to keep and which he wants to give up. Most online casino video poker games do not determine whether or how many cards you can or should hold. The player enjoys here d’complete freedom of choice. If you have made your choice, the cards to be dealt are replaced with new random cards. You now have five cards in your hand in the online casino's virtual video poker machine, which should result in a poker hand..

Which hand guarantees the player a profit is often different on video poker machines. For some, the paytable starts with two jacks (Jacks or Better), two kings (Kings or better) or even with 2 pairs. The various winning hands, priced according to the conventional poker paytable, always promise a multi-stake victory. If in a pair c’is often your own bet that you get back, the profit increases with the value of the hand.

Before starting the game, you should take a close look at the video poker slot machine paytable to know which cards you should hold and which you can hand over without hesitation. Video poker machines with six times the winnings of their own bet with a flush and nine times the winnings with a full house are among the highest rated video poker slots at online casinos in USA. However, real money poker machines are much more common which pay eight times as much for a full house and five times as much for a flush..

How to Play Online Video Poker: The Basics

A poker machine like this can seem intimidating at first.. Everything is much less complicated than you might think.

The three most important points of fact checking:

  • Video poker is played with a deck of 52 cards . The values ​​of the cards range from l’ace to king and there are four suits (suits): spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds.
  • You always get a five-card hand . No matter how many cards you draw or keep, you always make a five-card hand..
  • Online video poker is all about knowing the ranking of hands . You can probably guess that two couples are better than’a. You just need to’learn what’one color is weaker than’a full house.

You can have a positive influence on the outcome of the game if you know which cards to trade. A video poker strategy is therefore important, even if at the end of the RNG decides whether the’card exchange is successful.

Let's play a trick’example - step by step:

Step 1: Choose your video poker game

Just like in real poker, there is a huge selection of games and an even greater number of different machines in video poker. The basis of all poker variations is Jacks or Better. Here you win with two takes. There are often games in which a joker is used, here the three d’a genre (with or without the joker) is often the least winning combination.

In Deuces Wild, another type of game, both are ranked higher than the joker or used as the joker. It is therefore clear that in all video poker games where a joker or similar card is available, the odds of winning are of course higher. However, the amount of profit is proportionately lower. When you have several ways to play video poker, look at both the game and the paytable, then decide where to place your bet..

Step 2: place your bets

Video poker is indeed a mixture of game and strategy.. You have the option of wagering between one and five coins. Some machines have a higher payout rate for the maximum number of coins in a royal flush.

Payout amounts differ slightly in the respective game variant. In versions with a joker the odds of winning are higher, but d’other card combinations s’apply and the payouts are lower. VS’it is therefore up to you to decide on the size of your bet, depending on which of the many variations of video poker you prefer.

Step 3: deal the cards

In video poker you always get five cards. The number of cards in the deck depends on the type of game. To deal the cards, you can either bet a coin in video poker, or click on "deal" after choosing the bet..

Step 4: choose the cards you want to keep

Video poker corresponds to classic poker in the’order of hands. The aim is to achieve the’one of the winning combinations. Among the five cards offered, those who have already achieved a winning combination or who are likely to succeed in a winning combination are selected with one click.. You can keep all cards, some, or none at all. Often times you will receive suggestions of likely poker combinations that you can or cannot follow..

Step 5: know the value of your cards

When choosing your cards, you should know the value of the cards you have received and plan to keep them. After discarding the cards that you do not want to keep, you will receive replacement cards. This then results in the final winning combination (or not) and you get the profit according to the paytable. This ends the round in most cases (depending on the game variant).

Odds and House Edge in Online Video Poker

With many slot machines, the payout rate is d’about 95%. So for every dollar I bet on a slot machine, 5 cents theoretically stays in the casino forever. Video poker is much better for us players. With the live casino variants such as Caribbean Stud, the’house advantage n’is that 1.95%. If the change, c’that is to say l’card exchange, n’is not allowed, l’house advantage is still significantly better at around 2.55%.

Video poker machines like Jacks or Better are also in the 90s. Due to the many jackpots in video poker, the very big payouts are also very realistic. Another advantage, however, is this: While slot machine players sometimes play hundreds of games in just an hour, everything goes a bit smoother with video poker and especially in the live casino. Significant losses are therefore less likely.

The most popular variations of online video poker.

Online video poker

As with most games, there are different variations of online video poker. The basic game type is the same, however, it is important to make different winning combinations with the given cards. The most common are Jacks Or Better and Deuces Wild. In the following, we will introduce you to these two variations of the game and d’others:

Jacks or Better.

Jacks Or Better is the most popular and classic of video poker. You can win with a pair of’at least two jacks (as its name l’indicated). It is played without a joker, which makes it more difficult to’getting d’a good hand. You can win with weak hands. After the round, if you win, there is often a risk feature where you can choose between two colors. If you guessed correctly, you can double the profit, if not, the profit is completely lost. The bet function is of course voluntary.

Wild deuces.

In the Deuces Wild video poker variant, both have a wild function. So you can accept the value of n’any card and therefore there are different winning combinations that’with variants without joker. For example, a quintuplet is possible (five cards of the same value including a joker card). Higher hands are therefore possible more quickly, the amount of profit being then lower..

Double bonus poker.

The basis of the Double Bonus Poker game is Jacks or Better, but your hands are valued and paid out differently based on the number of cards in four types. With four aces there is 160 times the bet as a win, with four d’a sort of two to four pays 80 times the stake. All other quads are worth 50 times the amount wagered. D’other winning combinations are worth less than in normal Jacks or Better

Joker Poker or Jokers Wild.

The usual 52-card deck is supplemented by a joker card which may have n’any value. The probability of’achieving such a winning combination increases. Based on Joker Poker and Jokers Wild is mainly Jacks Or Better, or a similar variation.

Aces and faces.

Quadruplets receive a particularly high payout in Aces and Faces s’they consist of aces or cards with pictures. However, these must be combined with aces. D’other combinations are devalued.

Ace and eight.

The most important in Aces and Eights are aces and eights. For four d’between them you get 80 times your bet, for four sevens you get 50 times. D’other combinations are less well paid.

All Americans.

In the All American game, the payout amount for combinations is different than in Jacks Or Better. It doesn’there is no joker. The royal flushes, three d’one gender and pair have the same payout, other combinations pay differently. However, the style of play is the same.

Video poker strategies.

Video poker strategies

Always keep in’mind that’a video poker game lasts only two rounds. You must therefore carefully analyze the cards dealt in the first round..

Keeping a pair is usually a good idea. If this couple is already making a profit, anyway. However, even s’they’acts of’a pair lower than the required “Jacks or Better”. Eventually, your chances of hitting a full house, two pair, three or four in the next (and final) round increase..

Then there is usually a big jump in the payout rates when playing with the maximum bet. It is also worth noticing them.

If you have four cards of the same suit (ie Diamonds, Spades, Hearts or Clubs), c’is better. It doesn't matter if you have a low pair on the side. The same is true if you have received three or four cards that are part of’a royal flush. Why? Because in both of these cases, it's worth the risk. Of course, you could lose on these cards if the correct card doesn't’is not distributed in the second round. But the chance of’a profit is worth risking the loss here.

If you n’have no pair, see if you have four cards that could make you a straight and hold them. Because’with almost each of these combinations, there are eight cards in the deck that turn your four cards into a straight. Let's say you have cards 4, 5, 6 and 7. Now a 3 and an 8 could give you the suit. And the 3 and 8 are available in four colors. This therefore results in 8 cards and therefore a sufficiently high chance of winning. However, don't follow this strategy if the missing card is in the middle. If you have 4, 6, 7 and 8, only a 5 could help you. However, this n’exists only 4 times in the card game.

The advantages of online video poker

Online casinos generally enjoy’growing popularity. The most important reasons for this are quickly mentioned: with the best online casinos, you will find a wide selection of games in all categories. Suppliers on the net are always open and there is no’there is no time’waiting or busy gaming tables. Considering the payout rates, digital arcades have an advantage over on-site game libraries as the fixed costs are significantly lower and online games are virtually unlimited expandable..

  • Games available 24/7 : It doesn’there is no’hours of’opening or public holidays online!
  • Best selection of games : land-based casinos n’usually have no dice games!
  • Larger choice of betting limits : low stakes and high stakes games available!
  • Comfortably on the go : With a mobile casino, you can also play comfortably on the go!
  • Additional promotions : There are new customer bonuses and promotions additional online!
  • Live chat helps answer questions : online you can quickly and easily write to support if you have a question!

Another advantage is flexible betting limits that are suitable for both casual players and high players. In addition, the best online casinos offering video poker games provide a maximum fair and safe playing environment for the user.’use of l’real money due to their license and ongoing technical checks. In addition, after registering, you can test and experience most of the games as you like in free demo versions before you start.’try to win’real money. After all, virtual casino pages are now perfectly suited to the needs of players who want to access them on the go through sophisticated casino apps..

15 video poker terms you should know

Whether you are a beginner or an expert at playing video poker online, you need to know the different terms and their meanings to be successful.. Because’is the only way to follow the game and make the right decisions. To make it easier for you’learning, we have compiled a list for you containing the most important terms in video poker and their respective meanings. As English terms are often used in poker games to make it easier for you, we've put them in the first place.’following terminological overview:

1. Action - action

This denotes l’action’a player. Either the placement of your bet, or your move carries this designation.

2. Comps

While in real casinos players are offered free drinks or the like, in online video poker casinos there are often loyalty points or bonuses.. They’acts of’a percentage of the number d’deals that the player can collect and convert into perks at a certain ratio. Unfortunately, in recent years, this practice n’was only possible under worse conditions than when playing slot machines

3rd cycle - Royal Flash Cycle

This indicates the number of hands needed for you to win the jackpot (if any) in video poker, approximately 40,000 hands are estimated.. Since’a random number generator controls the winnings, it doesn’there are no verifiable numbers for this.

4. Throw - Throw

After choosing the cards you want to keep from the first cards dealt, discard the rest of the cards. The discarded cards are replaced by new ones and the final hand is dealt. To perform this action, you need to tap or click on the Skip button.

5. Double

After a win, most video poker machines offer you the option of doubling it by risk.. To do this, click on the Double Up button, on which you can choose between red and black. If you're right, your profit will double. Experts avoid this risk s’they won more than your stake, but it may be worth it if the win equals your stake. Considering the payout size of video poker machines of up to’at 99% you can make even higher profits than this percentage.

6. Hold

After the first deal of cards, you decide which ones to’between them you want to keep by clicking on the Hold button.

7. Edge of the house

VS’is there’advantage that the house (the online casino) has over the player in a longer session. For example, if the payout percentage is 99%, the house still has a 1% advantage over the player.

8. Right interior

If after the first transaction you are still missing a card to complete the inside straight, then it is’calls an inner fifth. For example, you have the 7, 8, 10, the jack and an ace, it is missing a 9 in a row.

9. Expected return - The expected return

When’a player plays several hands on a video poker machine, the expected return is the expected return. Knowing them is important when playing real money video poker professionally and can be calculated to help you make the decisions that will produce the best return..

10. Face card

This means the cards on which the images can be seen, such as the jack, queen, king or l’ace.

11. Complete payment machine

If you look at the different video poker machines you will find an 8/5 paytable.. With full pay, it goes to 09/06. The number before the slash represents the full house, the number after for a color.

12. Multi hand

Multi hand corresponds to multi slots. You can play multiple hands at the same time, from two to over 100.

13. Right exterior

If after the first gives your straight (your straight) you miss a card that is higher than your highest or lower than your lowest card, it is’is an outside fifth.

14. Pat Hand

If after the first trade you have already achieved a winning combination that you cannot improve on, it s’call a slap hand. This means winning a full house or royal flush after the first deal of cards..

15. Refund

Refund is the average payout percentage. If this matches 100%, the player can s’wait to get his money back. However, the odds are still slightly lower, which can be seen in the profit table..

THE’history of video poker.

With a history stretching back centuries, video poker n’has not yet emerged. The development of games, however, dates back to the 1970s, when games n’were by no means very popular in the beginning. In addition, the video poker games of this era of course could not keep up with the variants of’today’hui, after all, the PC does’was invented only in the 1970s.

Video poker n’has grown in popularity’ten d’years later. The success of the games was mainly due to the fact that a lot of people had certain inhibitions and didn't want to s’sit at a table to play poker. Video poker was the much more anonymous solution, but it’was also a lot of entertainment.

Little by little, the success of video poker’is continued. The games were able to solidify, especially in the big American casinos. In Europe and USA, games found their way into casinos and gambling halls relatively late, but were, for example, brought into the limelight by well-known providers with such as Microgaming and others.

The popularity of games has really changed in leaps and bounds also thanks to the new online casinos. These provide an impressive variety of video poker games and continually supplement them with new developments. Thus, despite the very similar playing principle, there is no’there is never’boredom - l’one of the keys to the impressive success of these casino games.

By the way, video poker is played on the principle of five-card poker: after being dealt, players have the option of’swap n’any number of cards.

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