The game of online craps n’is not necessarily there’one of the games that comes to you’mind when you think of online casinos. This area is too dominated by slots, table games and, more recently, live dealer games. Neardoggmusic in this article wants to attract the’attention of the players to the fact that’they can also enjoy s’the ultimate online craps gaming experience

Craps is a well-known dice game that n’is not only known in arcades and stationary casinos, but can also be found in many online casinos. Online Craps is played with a pair of dice and players have to guess the outcome. THE’user can either bet on d’other types of games, either on the casino. If a craps player is competing with another craps player outside of’a casino, the game is called street craps. As its name l’indicates, the game is played in the street.

THE’advantage is that’no special equipment’is required for the game, only the dice are needed. Craps has a long tradition and is played a lot, especially in the USA. In the past, a bet was placed by the player (shooter) against d’other players (faders). Today’hui, craps is also common in online casinos, it doesn't’So there is not that’only one online craps casino, but several. Some of the best online casinos even offer the online craps simulator in their live casino. In the following, we address the question of where it is worth playing online casino craps..

Play Craps Online

Play Craps Online

Traditionally, craps is played at a separate table in casinos or casinos. In the meantime, however, more and more players are playing craps online, as it brings crucial benefits. For example, online casinos often offer round the clock support, which players can turn to for help.’they have questions or concerns. 24 hour a day is a good keyword anyway, after all it doesn't’there is no’hours of’openness or silence for online casinos. Players can play at any time and are not bound by any local or regional requirements.

By the way, craps can also be tried online in demo versions. Here, players are given some virtual credit, which can then be used in the game. Real money winnings are not possible in this way, but you can gain wonderful game knowledge or implement new gambling strategies. game. So these free craps games are really useful.

Anyone who has been able to look around online casinos will have discovered different ways of playing. In craps you can choose between live player versions and regular game variations. The regular game variations are reminiscent of slot machine games, although all the important craps details have been implemented graphically. A graphically animated table is displayed in which players place their throws and the stakes are managed by a computer.

If casino customers use live dealer craps, they are played under the direction of the casino.’a real croupier. VS’is a real person sitting at a real gaming table. This image is transmitted to the players via webcam. It doesn’It's no surprise that live dealer games have become increasingly popular in casinos over the past few years. After all, there is a real casino atmosphere, as the management of the game can be seen from above.’shoulder all the time.

But this n’is not all: if players have questions or do not understand certain things, contact with game management can often be established through a chat window. Ambiguities or misunderstandings are eliminated in a very short time.

Online Craps Rules

How to Play Craps Online

Anyone watching online craps at a casino will think’first that the game of dice is a complicated game variant with rules that are difficult to understand. VS’is because the table looks a bit confusing in the online craps simulator. Because, like in roulette, it is also possible here to place many different bets.. Therefore, when playing online craps, the craps table has many different betting fields.. This means that much more diverse possibilities and strategies can be used than in slot machines

In an online craps casino, however, the game table looks exactly like the one in’a local casino. If you are a fan of this dice game, you can play casino craps online or in an arcade on site.. Actually, the rules of the game are very simple, but there are a few basic rules that the player must master.. These include the 'Don’t Passline ”and the“ Passline ”. There are also around 40 other types of bets that can be used in Craps.. Some d’between them are a little more complicated, but n’don't need’be used by beginners. 

We recommend that you play these complicated bets as you gain experience. With a deeper understanding of the game of dice, these more complicated issues are also understood.. We have explained the types of’most important uses in more detail below.

The Passline bet

In the case of’a Passline bet, a profit is paid up to double the bet. The player who rolls the dice s’call a shooter. The first roll s’call the Come Out Roll. Before that, the other participants can place their passline bet on this first roll.. To win, the first pitch must show an eleven or a seven. These throws are also called natural.

If the shooter's first throw shows a 2, 3, or 12, c’is craps and bets are lost. For other numbers, this becomes the so-called point and the shooter has the option of rolling the point again before it quits.’a 7 n’appears. The bet on the pass line is also lost if said sevens are thrown.

Don’t Passline Bet

A donation bet’t Passline is there’opposite of’a Passline bet. Here the player bets against the dice. This principle of play is also known as bad bets.. Because if a pass-the-line bet is a bet that’an eleven or seven will be thrown on the exit roll, the wrong bet is the bet that’a 2, 3 or twelve will come.

If another number is started, it serves the point. With this betting strategy, the player bets that’no point will be thrown again before the’appearance of the seven. The player wins his Don bet’t Passline if the shooter rolls a seven.

More bets

There are a number of’other bets, such as hardway bets, field bets, big 8 bets, proposition bets, big 6 bets and many more’other variants. Beginners must d’first focus on the two simple types of’Passline and Don use’t Passline. As soon as the’experience increases, it is also possible to’use other types of’use. By the way, we recommend you the online craps simulator for this because it allows you to’try the play in play money mode. When they’is about new strategies, playing online craps for free in fun mode has also proven successful.

Strategies for beginners and advanced users

Craps Strategy

Online craps is a game of chance. Random number generator decides who wins and who loses. In order for the casino to generate a profit, a certain house edge is always factored into the payout ratio, which is shown for online games at reputable casinos.. The player, meanwhile, wants to generate pleasure,’excitement, entertainment and a small profit while playing craps. This shows that’no classic strategy can be used. Instead, the basic online gambling rules are’apply here. This also includes, for example, the choice of’a game that offers a lucrative payout key. Because it also increases the chances of winning at the craps table.

It doesn’there is therefore no common strategy that gives the player an advantage over the casino. However, there is always the option of maximizing your profit or chance of profit.. We will describe these elements below.. Do not touch, however, when it s’is about craps strategies that can be bought on the internet. Because’they only serve’to give the seller a thicker wallet. After all, the random number generator in online casinos cannot be swayed by the’outside. It is protected from any manipulation and is regularly checked by the competent regulatory authorities, such as eCOGRA. In case of’irregularities or d’anomalies, the online casino license will be immediately withdrawn, so that’no fraud is possible.

Beginners should avoid these types of’use

There are certain types of’use that beginners should absolutely avoid. They’this includes betting on the field, for example. They are placed in large sections in the middle of each side of the craps table. With this bet, the tipster wins if the outcome of’a roll is 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 pips. With 3, 4, 0, 10 or 11 or more, there is a doubling of the bet, with 5, 6, 7 or 8 the player loses. Another bet that is not recommended is Big 6 / Big 8. It s’acts of’a classic place bet, but the probability of’input is significantly lower, so we recommend d’use the normal place bet instead.

A horn bet is a multi-part bet. It works as a 4 in 1 suit. In this case, each number is typed. Instead of four units, the Horn High bet contains five units. Therefore, the probability of winning is very low. The two types of Aces / 2 or Boxcars / 12 bets are also not suitable for beginners.. A huge 30: 1 win is tempting here, but it also shows how difficult it is to win this bet. Because the player only wins’with aces, for example, s’he gets a twelve. Any other number loses.

Recommended craps bets

Beginners must d’first focus on simple craps bets. Because these are particularly easy to understand. In addition, they have a low advantage for the house. They are particularly easy to place for the player as they are recorded on the table. More complicated bets, on the other hand, should only be made if the player knows all the details of the dice game.. In this context, we always recommend that you d’try to’first betting in the online craps simulator. For this, playing online craps for free in fun mode has been proven to work.. For this reason, the bet passes, for example, is recommended. VS’is also the best known and most used bet. THE’advantage of the house is very small and n’is 1.41%.

The Don bet’t Pass is there’opposite of the pass bet described above. Because’here a bet is made that the shooter will lose. This is also known as "bet against the table". Another type of single bet is the come bet. It works on a principle similar to the pass bet. On the other hand, the bet is placed when the round has already started and after the’establishment of the pass bet. The Don bet’t Come is also recommended, which is l’opposite of’a Come bet. The player can win, he can lose or he can establish a point on the next throw.

Combine bets with each other

Another recommended strategy in online craps is to combine bets with each other.. A side bet is suitable for this, the so-called odds bet. It can be placed at any time in addition to the bet initially placed. This is always possible when the point has been established.. The side bet is recommended if the player has placed a come bet or a pass or s’he placed a bet does not come or a bet does not pass. Odds bets are not shown on the craps table. For this reason, the stake is placed behind the usual bets.. You have to bet if a seven or a point will be thrown first. An odds bet can be increased, decreased or removed entirely at any time.

The payout is 2: 1 on a roll of 4 and 10. 3: 2 is paid on a 5 and a 9. For 6 and 8, there are 6: 5. As a general rule, additional bets are limited in terms of size and they cannot be more than two or three times the initial bet..

Craps Strategy Pass Line Odds

Another strategy is the Pass Line Odds which reduces the’house advantage of the casino. A classic do not pass or pass bet is played and secured with an odds bet placed as high as possible.

The management of the’money as a strategy

The establishment of’a management system’Money Has Been Proven Not Only With Online Craps. VS’is a strategy that can generally be used in all online games. Things need to be quick at the craps table, so that the player doesn't’not have much time to worry about the bet that’he wants to use and place. After all, craps is a very fast game.. If you think too long about which bet to place, you will run out of time and it will quickly entice you to place a bet that you did not want to make.. Therefore, before starting to play, the player must establish certain rules in the’advance. This includes, for example, deciding to l’advance d’a maximum bet amount.

Experienced players know this and use the management of the’money so as not to exceed their own budget. There are different methods for this, the most popular is what l’we call the management of the’money. D’other options are to use free free spins or deposit bonuses. In the management of the’money, the player chooses a maximum amount that’at most he is willing to lose and bet. Many casinos offer the possibility of setting deposit and loss limits in the management of customers. In general, you should never play with it.’money that n’is not actually available and will be needed later.

The bonus is often decisive

For many players, c’is the welcome bonus who is decisive in deciding for or against a particular casino. What many do not consider: d’on the one hand, such a bonus offer is always linked to bonus conditions which the player must fulfill before’payment can be requested without damage. Some of these conditions are so high that the player faces a major obstacle and n’not rarely manage to master this transition. So this n’is not the amount that is decisive to know s’they’acts of’an interesting bonus or d’a less recommendable offer, but rather the terms that should be carefully considered when choosing a’a casino. After all, an online casino is a perfectly normal business that cannot afford to’money.

The welcome bonus n’is available when’just once. We therefore recommend that you take a look at other promotions and promotions.. Are there any bonuses available to existing customers as well: or is there even a VIP club and loyalty points system that also offers a variety of rewards?? Ideally, the bonus n’is not only attractive in terms of sum and d’percentage orientation, but the bonus conditions are also user-friendly and fair, so that even beginners don't’have no problem filling them without any problem. 

Another difference is in the types of bonuses offered. Typically, the welcome bonus is a so-called deposit bonus.. This means that the bonus amount is based on the amount of’a deposit made. Sometimes there are also free spins on top of that, which are not’generally apply that’to a certain slot machine. Another very interesting offer is the so-called no deposit bonus. No deposit’is required for this, but such a bonus offer is usually d’a lower value of d’a maximum of 20 $. If you like to play craps then you should also make sure that the rotational conditions can be implemented with this game as well..

Craps bonus offers for new and existing customers.

The various bonus offers and promotions for new and existing customers are listed’one of the great advantages of’an online casino versus a stationary casino. The competition in the casino market is fierce and hence the online casinos are competing for the favor of the customers with their promotions. For this reason, new lucrative offers keep coming.’appear with new online casinos. But not all bonuses are the same, there are not only different types of bonuses, but also different types of bonuses.’huge differences in the conditions. We explain below what’you have to search with a craps bonus.

Craps welcome bonus for new customers.

As its name l’indicates, a welcome bonus is a welcome bonus for new customers. It is paid when’a player decides to s’register at the new casino and make a deposit. The bonus amount is always based on the first deposit made. Sometimes multiple deposits are paid, so there are online casinos that, for example, give a bonus to the first five deposits. The most common is the 100% bonus up to’to a maximum of $ 100. This means that’a deposit of 100 $ will be doubled. THE’ All Slots experiment is a practical example of’such a bonus. THE’one of the most popular online slots with high payouts is Starburst.

So, with a welcome bonus, there is an optimal way to’increase the costs of’registration. THE’bonus money can generally be used freely and n’is not related to some games. If you deposit $ 100, you can start playing with $ 200. There are even bonuses of up to’at 1000 $ or offers at 400% on the basis of the deposit. To assess s’they’acts of’a lucrative offer, this n’is not the amount of the bonus that is important, but the conditions that are important.

As a rule, only l’Bonus money or the sum of the bonus and the deposit must be wagered into the casino at a specified frequency. In addition, a time limit is usually set within which this transfer must take place. In the case of’a requirement of 35 times the figure d’bonus business, this would mean in our example that’a number d’Business of $ 3,500 must be completed in the casino before the player can request a withdrawal. If l’user fails to overcome this obstacle, l’bonus money and winnings generated with the bonus will be deleted from the account.

Craps No Deposit Bonus - No Deposit Bonus.

As its name l’indicates, the no deposit bonus is a no deposit bonus. This bonus can be offered to both new customers and’to existing customers. They’usually acts d’a bonus whose sum n’is not very high. Amounts between five euros and 20 euros are very common. S’they’acts of’an offer for a new customer, then c’is there’perfect opportunity to take a look at the casino risk-free and make real money bets without the need for’a deposit.

In this case, the bonus is given as a reward for the’registration. If l’offer is appreciated, the player can usually also activate the usual welcome bonus. For existing customers, the bonus is usually given when’a certain game is played. Or as a reward for particularly loyal customers, for example in the context of’a loyalty points system. Even a no deposit bonus is subject to wagering requirements that the player must meet before’a withdrawal can be made. In addition, it is sometimes essential that’a deposit be made for payment. For this reason, we recommend that you always read the bonus conditions carefully before activating them..

Craps Reload Bonus for Existing Customers.

A reload bonus is a bonus similar to the welcome bonus, but not’is offered when’to existing customers already registered in the casino. This bonus is therefore also available for users who have recently activated and implemented their welcome bonus. With this, the casino wants s’ensure that players perform d’other deposits. Sometimes there is also a welcome bonus for the first deposit and then several reload bonuses for the same customer.

Some bonus offers are also distributed regularly and monthly. In this case, the promotion is displayed transparently on the website and can then be activated once a month. Anyone who has been a customer for a long time and no longer actively participates in the game can also receive an invitation to participate.’an employee offering a reload bonus. With this, the casino wants s’ensure that’user resumes his gambling activity. The reloading bonus also occurs very often with a system of loyalty points. Then players who have reached a specified VIP level will receive such a special reward.

Craps bonus for certain payment methods.

If you are a regular customer and enjoy playing craps at an online casino, you will need to top up your account more often. In this case, the casino can also reward the choice of certain payment methods with a bonus. For example, PayPal payments are very often rewarded. With this, the casino wants to make a payment method more acceptable to the player which is associated with lower costs for him or which means less staff costs for the casino. For example, each deposit with PayPal may be rewarded with 10% of the transferred amount.

Play craps with your smartphone and tablet PC

The smartphone and Co are now an integral part of our daily life. It doesn’is no wonder that casinos can no longer do without’a corresponding mobile application. But not all apps are the same, there are very different types here. In general, a distinction should be made between a web application and a native application.. This must be downloaded from the system store.’operating and installed on the’mobile device. This n’is not necessary with a web application, because here it is called very easily through the mobile browser. The HTML5 optimized website automatically notices that the’calling device is a mobile device and s’adapts accordingly to the size of the’screen and performance.

In a mobile casino, craps can be played with a smartphone or tablet. The prerequisite is that’there is an internet connection. Playing in a mobile casino is becoming more and more popular and some casinos even generate their biggest income from gaming on the go.. There are also differences between the providers of the game portfolio offered for playing on the go.. After all, not all games are generally suitable for an application.. Some casinos even offer a special bonus to new customers who play mobile casino for the first time.. THE’Optimal application has integrated the most important account management functions and also offers, for example, deposits and withdrawals.

When looking for the optimal supplier, it is important to know for which system’exploitation l’application is proposed. Because if native applications are programmed specifically for systems Android Where ios, the’web application works on all systems d’current operation and therefore also on Windows phones and Blackberries.

Benefits of playing online craps

If you have the choice of playing online or in a land-based casino, I highly recommend that you do so in a virtual arcade. The advantages clearly outweigh the odds unless you want to dress up and play in company. D’elsewhere nobody prevents you from wearing a suit online while you place a bet.

  • Playable 24/7 : online casinos n’have no hours’opening or public holidays!
  • Best selection of games : online casinos offer several variations of craps!
  • Best choice of betting limits : high and low stakes available!
  • Practice on the go : simply play in the mobile casino on your mobile phone!
  • Additional bonuses : additional extras for new and existing customers!
  • Live chat helps anytime : you can contact customer service online at any time!

THE’one of the biggest advantages is the RTP value , which, unlike fixed arcades, is clearly higher when playing online craps, which is due to the fact that the maintenance costs are much lower. Another advantage is that you get an online craps bonus in the virtual world, which rewards your visit to the virtual casino, where you get money.’free money to play with. If you can't make up your mind and want to enjoy the benefits of both game worlds, you should take a look at a live casino.. There you play against real people and from the comfort of your home.

THE’craps history

We do not know exactly d’where does craps come from. As with many old games of chance, there are several theories on the’origin of the game. Therefore, there is no’is not easy to say d’where the game actually comes from. The point is that the dice game has always been changed and adapted over the years. For this reason, there may very well be some truth to all stories. Some claim the game originated in the UK and is derived from Game Hazard. But some also say that the roots are in USA and that the dice game is based on crabs..

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the game was introduced to the United States by politicians and gamers. However, since it was easy to handle, there were issues with the original version. Because’it was possible to cheat’opponent with dice marked or d’increase the chances of winning to its advantage. For this reason, Craps was developed by John H. Winn in 1907. The new variant now contained the "Don’t Pass Bet ”- this version was very similar to the craps known today’hui.

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