Bingo is an extremely popular game which can also be played during’organized events, in larger groups, in USA casinos at the machine or online. The difference with the online casino or the casino is that’they play with’real money. As a true fan of Instant Lottery, you can play bingo online on many English language websites..

Online bingo n’is not that different from its traditional counterpart and is basically the same game, only a few modern extra services that are not available in a real arcade have been added. VS’is still a very simple game, the online version n’is no different from the original version, c’maybe even easier. Just click a few times and you are about to play internet bingo! Just choose one certified casino

However, there are some differences between the two variants and it is precisely these differences that make the online variant even more attractive. Unlike devices used in traditional arcades to shuffle balls and draw numbers at random, in online casinos the numbers are determined by a random generator - the same type of machine used in the online poker and D’other online casino games the cards are dealt.

Another difference is the online 'auto-daub' feature, with which players tick a box and their numbers are automatically marked without having to do it themselves. Players usually also have access to the 'Better card sorting' and 'Best card highlighting' features, which automatically sort and highlight cards based on the number of missing boxes to win..

Equipped with such options, players are much more likely to benefit from’another difference between the two variants, namely the "cat". Conversations are generally prohibited in traditional game rooms, but online operators encourage people to communicate at a table and create chat opportunities for the game.’user. In addition, you can play online bingo with a casino bonus and win some money.’extra money.

In terms of earnings, the online variant offers as much as’a traditional gambling hall, and the payouts are even more lucrative. As more and more players’register and open accounts online, operators can win ever more valuable prizes such as: B. Offer bigger jackpots.

Bingo is now offered in a number of casinos. With Neardoggmusic you will find the casinos that have the best bingo in their program.

How Bingo Works?

The rules of bingo

Based on the lottery, bingo is as easy as it is quick to learn. The rules of the game are therefore in the frame and once you understand the rules you can play with the countless variations.. The basis of the game are bingo balls and bingo cards or notes. The numbers are printed in a different order on the bingo cards. As in the lottery, the game manager lets the bingo balls roll and takes them out of the bingo drum. The winning numbers are then called out loud. Each player crosses them off on his template, s’they are available. Whoever crossed out all the winning numbers on their card first is the winner. Usually models are sold as lots or cards. Meanwhile, there are also d’other game variations such as:

  • Bingo numbers must be consecutive
  • Bingo numbers must be in a box
  • It is not numbers but letters and words that are the basis
  • Pictures are the basis of children's bingo

Basic rules

Like many casino in line games that we present on our website it is a game of chance. To summarize as simply as possible the rule of the game's bingo: the numbers are drawn and called at random, attentive players then compare them with the numbers on the 5 × 5 cards that the players have purchased beforehand.. Whoever is the first to form a certain pattern on his card with the numbers called calls "Bingo" and wins!

At the start of each game, each player - there is in principle an unlimited number of players - receives a card with a grid on which numbers appear.. Each card is unique, which means that all players' numbers and cards are different. Cards are usually purchased and the numbers are arranged in a 5 × 5 grid to match the five letters of BINGO.

A typical card then consists of 24 fields with numbers and one field that can be marked immediately.. The numbers in column "B" are numbers between 1 and 15, in column "I" are numbers 16 to 30, in column "N" 31 to 45, in column "G" 46 to 60 and in the column "O" the numbers between 61 and 75.

At the start of the game, the’organizer announces the type of pattern you should have on your card at the end and l ‘"Caller" then begins to draw the numbers at random (usually from’a large container). The drawn number is set aside so as not to be drawn again. Players hear which number is drawn, then look it up on their card and if the number is actually on the card, the number is marked on the card. So the only thing you need to "be able" is to find and mark numbers fast enough to be ready for the next number..

THE’caller keep drawing the numbers until’that the first has the particular model on his card and calls bingo. These models can vary widely, the most popular being: one or two lines (c’i.e. one or two lines on the grid from which all numbers can be marked) or Full House / Full Card / Blackout / Cover-all (i.e.’i.e. all numbers on the card have been drawn and could thus be marked).

The organizers are often quite creative when it comes to the motif of the different games - for example, you often need to’a pattern in the form of’a letter or d’a certain drawing. Most of the time, players have the option of playing multiple cards at once and the payouts vary from big jackpots to tangible items..

Bingo strategies.

On the internet you can find a lot of different strategies for playing bingo.. Some are simple, d’others seem very complicated. The truth is that’he doesn’there is no 100% profitable strategy. No matter how you fill the bingo tickets. The balls (or random number generator) n’have no memory, they are randomly chosen in each game and trying to predict them is wasted effort. The results of the bingo contest depend only on your luck, however, there are a few tips to help your luck boost..

number of cards

For example, one strategy is to buy multiple cards for a single game instead of playing many bingo games with a single card.. However, this requires that’a higher amount is chosen. The probability that’one of these bingo tickets is the first one is significantly higher than’with one card.

management of the’money

Bingo is fun and exciting and easy to learn. For this reason, beginners in particular like to get into the game of bingo without having previously dealt with the management of the game.’money. But as with any other game of chance, the management of the’money is crucial for the success of’a player. After all, the same principle s’applies here as with all other casino games: financial resources should never be exceeded. Especially when’he doesn’There is no high account balance available at the casino, it is important to pay attention to your personal limit when making’buying bingo tickets and not exceeding it.

numbers of players

When you play with d’other bingo fans at Casino Bingo, take into account the number of these players. The more people involved in a bingo show (like Bingo ORF), the less chance of winning. If you are playing against an online casino and’he doesn’there is no’other players, pay attention to the payout percentage of the game. The higher it is, the higher your chances of winning. Here are the payout percentages for popular bingo games:

  • Super Bonus Bingo (Microgaming) - 95.39%
  • Pharaoh Bingo (Microgaming) - 94.76%
  • 1-2-3-Bingo (green tube) - 95%
  • Super Bola (Play’n GB) - 93.99%
  • Beetle Bingo (Playtech) - 95%

The different types of Bingo

How Bingo Works

In general, a distinction can be made between four different variants known all over the world:

75 Ball Bingo Tickets

75-ball bingo is particularly popular in North America. There are 24 number fields, consisting of 5 x 5 fields and d’a free field. The achievable models are different and depend on the casino provider. The simplest model is a single line - the free field can and can be included here.

90 Ball Bingo Tickets

90-ball bingo is particularly popular in Europe, South America and Australia. Here the bingo tickets consist of 9 x 3 fields. Thus, each lot has nine columns and three horizontal lines.. In each of these rows there are five numbers, so some cells are left blank. Such a card has 15 numbers. The numbers 1-9 are shown in the first column, 10-19 in the second and 20-29 in the third column. This continues until’to the last column with 80-90. Normally these bingo tickets are played in three stages and a row, then two rows and finally a full house must be achieved.. An entire row should always be completely filled with five numbers. In the second case, two rows and in the third case three rows.

30 Ball Bingo Tickets

75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo tickets are available at almost all online casinos. The situation is different with 30-ball bingo - this variant does not’is not available in all casinos. It is played with a 3 x 3 card and is particularly fast. VS’is why it is also played in the Speed ​​Bingo version - here the numbers are called particularly quickly. Whoever then filled in all the new numbers wins.

80 ball bingo tickets

80 ball bingo is a variation that mixes the rules of 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. The card contains 16 numbers and 4 x 4 fields. The opportunities to win here are particularly extensive, as there are variants of bingo tickets where not only the row must be full, but also variants with several rows, corners and patterns..

The advantages of online bingo.

Online bingo is worth it for you for several reasons and has several advantages over local gambling sites.. You can play any time, n’anywhere . All you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone or tablet. In the different bingo halls you have a large choice of different variations and with the real money mode you can have your winnings paid out immediately.

  • 24 hour games : every day at any time, draws take place every minute!
  • Free choice of stake : online ticket prices start at pennies!
  • Auto play : all numbers are automatically marked, winnings are automatically credited!
  • Higher payout rates : online bingo has a payout rate of’about 95%, lotteries’State, however, much less!
  • Comfortably from home or on the go : you n’don't have to walk up’at the nearest kiosk to buy tickets or redeem prizes!
  • Live chat brings entertainment : you can chat with d’other players in bingo halls!
Online bingo

D’other advantages are the integrated chat. In addition to playing, you can l’use to make some social contact. You can play anytime and n’anywhere, whether it's on the way to work, at home in your pajamas or on the bus. The many versions of bingo do not let the’boredom arise. In addition to the American version, there are also European versions and quick 30-bullet versions. The chance to win a jackpot, which some games offer you, adds to the’attraction. In addition, you are absolutely at the’safe from fraud and manipulation, as all real money online casinos have a valid European license which regulates online gaming. Regulators are known for their tight controls and harsh conditions.

Online bingo: the best providers.

Of course, we also did a bingo bonus comparison and found the best new customer deals. In the online bingo comparison 2020, we were able to identify Lafiesta casino as the winner of the test for various reasons. Today’Yes, bingo enthusiasts are spoiled for choice. THE’offer is quite wide and there are a large number of different bingo providers and platforms. But where are the best bonuses and the best opportunities to win? Find out how William Hill managed to convince in the casino test and what makes a good bingo provider.

Qu’what makes a good online bingo provider anyway?

In our comparison of bingo providers, you can see at a glance’eye which companies have succeeded in s’impose against competition, but that’what makes a good bingo offer and what criteria did we use in our tests to determine the best overall package?

  • Selection of games : a good online bingo provider offers its own players a wide range of bingo variants and different rooms. Both fixed and changing bingo games should be available and in this way the provider s’ensure that the player does not’never bored and qu’There is something for every taste. Some particularly good providers also think of regular promotions and offer games with particularly high jackpots or hardware prices..
  • Challenges : For’attract as many players as possible, a good provider should offer both bingo tickets with lower stakes and those with higher amounts. This way, players can flexibly decide s’they want to bet a lot or a little in bingo and are not limited by choice.
  • Jackpots : The amount of potential earnings plays a role for many people when’they’acts of’a comparison of online bingo and a good bingo offer is also characterized by particularly high jackpots. Of course, not all games can have four-digit payouts, but as a player you should always be able to play the really big payouts..
  • New customer campaigns : vs’is also an important criterion when selecting’a supplier. Almost all online bingo providers have their own welcome offers and they all have different regulations and terms of sale.. A good bonus consists of transparent conditions and realistic bonus conditions. Many providers also offer their new customers free bingo rooms for a few days, depending on the amount of possible winnings and the length of time the free games are available..
  • Loyalty program for clients existing : With most companies in the bingo provider comparison, we were able to find a VIP club and the ability to collect loyalty points. A good offer in this case is the number of points you get for your work and the prices that are available with the "loyalty points"..
  • Licenses and regulations : THE’one of the most important aspects in relation to the seriousness of’a vendor is the licensing and oversight regulation, and in our comparison, only these offerings were convincing when we were able to determine an official license and regulatory authority.
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