Myths of online casino

There are many myths surrounding online casinos. In this article, we'll cover the top 10 online casino myths that you should probably ignore. In this guide, our list contains the most common myths about slots, local machines, and online casino software, as well as table games, croupiers, and gamblers superstitions..

Welcome to our guide to online casino myths. Over thousands of’years of’In the history of the game, facts from around the world have always been intertwined with myths of the game: of two dice that were found in an Egyptian tomb from 3000 BC. Were found via gambling on the streets of ancient Rome to 10th century Chinese card games.

online casino myths and absurd theories have also taken a new direction over time. The combination of luck and skill gives the game an aura of mystery and provides a stage for many beliefs about the game.’between them correspond roughly to reality, while d’others are from pure fantasy.

Many gambling myths revolve around casinos and how they cheat their players on their money. Some of these legends reveal supposed tricks to defend yourself against it and thus increase your own chances of winning. What most d’between them neglectful, however, c’is that the payout percentages do not depend on anything’other than RNG (Random Number Generator), c’that is, the game's random number generator, which is strictly controlled by independent testing centers and in most cases even advertised by casinos. bECOMES.

Myth 1: Casino games are rigged

VS’is there’one of the most famous casino myths which is based on a true story, but like many’other rumors on our list, this n’is not entirely true. Like any other business, casino operators must earn money.’money in the long run and this is done using the’home advantage. For’achieve this house edge, all games of chance are statistically designed to pay more’money at the casino than what is paid to players over time. But that doesn't mean you can't win or that the odds are completely stacked against you..

You n’are that’one of the thousands, if not millions, of players with whom the casino has won’money over time. Contrary to what the myth of the casino would like to convey, you do not’are never determined to be a loser in the first place. Each casino game has’a random number generator ("RNG" for short), which is tested by casinos and game developers over billions of games. This ensures a reliable indication of the average payout percentage and ensures that all players have an equal chance of winning..

These RNGs are constantly reviewed by independent testing laboratories who are responsible for regulating land-based casinos as well as online providers. So, put the conspiracy myths aside and play responsibly instead. You will find that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. This is how the game works!

Myth 2: If a slot machine does’has not paid for a long time, a big victory is coming

A set of slot machine not’has no thoughts or feelings. A slot machine cannot know that’she doesn’hasn't paid a profit for hours, so doesn't feel obligated to. In fact, modern slot machines use a random number generator that creates a new combination with each spin..

Thus, each rotation is a random event. It doesn’there is therefore no guarantee that pulling the lever again or’pressing the "Spin" button will bring you closer to victory. So now you know that the profit or loss n’is not a personal choice. You n’so do not need to regret the losses or d’be jealous of other players who win on a slot machine that you have just left.

Myth 3: Expert dealers can choose when to stop the roulette wheel to avoid big wins

Online casino myths - dealers can stop the roulette wheel to avoid a big win

Casino employees who secretly cheat on you about your winnings are part of’another myth. It is of course reasonable to assume that’a dealer who operates the roulette table can also cheat. However, there are far too many random factors that affect the outcome of the roulette wheel for the dealer to influence the outcome..

The ball and the wheel move in opposite directions, and the ball also bounces off the boards, so it is difficult to d’imagine a workout that would allow a dealer to control all of these and place the ball on the desired number each time. .

If a croupier is caught cheating, the penalty for the casino is huge compared to the small amount that’a fraudulent dealer can win. And if that is not enough to invalidate this legend of the game, then perhaps any fraud system can work both ways: since mere chance preserves l’house advantage in many games, there is no’is not in the’casino interest d’be predictable. To present.

Myth 4: All casino games are pure luck

Luck always plays a big part in the game - as the name l’indicated. But the belief that all games are based on luck n’is not quite correct. In fact, casino games are broadly divided into two categories of games: "soft", which are mainly based on luck, and those which require l’skill. In the latter case, players can use their skills to influence the outcome of the game to some extent..

For example, slot machines and bingo are classified as "soft games" because there is little that the player can do to influence the outcome of the game.’a turn or the numbers called. However, since players can develop and use their skills, such as card counting in blackjack or use a Texas Hold'em poker strategy, table games are considered games of’address. However, this myth of the game n’is not completely wrong: Even though these games are not based purely on "pure" luck, probability and luck play a big role in all casino games, including those that are considered gambling games.’address.

Myth 5: New players often win early

Online casino myths - new players often win early

This rumor has it that online casinos offer high profits especially to new players in order to instill confidence in the game and the benefits associated with it.

Due to the built-in random number generator, this myth can be disputed. These are integrated into each individual location. An online casino n’has no facial recognition software, so that’a new player cannot be recognized on this basis. Slot machine winnings are awarded purely at random and as a result, active existing customers may also experience high profit or loss..

Myth 6: Online casinos are illegal frauds

As with everything on the Internet, you have to be very careful when looking for an online casino. Although some unlicensed casinos operate illegally, the majority of online casinos offer their own games of chance legally. Authorities such as UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) in Great Britain heavily regulate these suppliers. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner are primarily responsible for the control of online casinos in the’EU.

All online casinos operating in the’EU must have a valid license and are regularly tested and checked. The license obliges casinos to act in accordance with the requirements of the authorities in all areas, including the random number generator, the guidelines for responsible gambling, the KYC process (verification of the’client identity) and all other areas of social responsibility and client protection.

For these reasons, on Neardoggmusic we do not’offer only certified casinos and therefore 100% legal. We do extensive research and write full testimonials of all the online casinos you should have on your screen in USA. These also include the lucrative bonus offers that players can claim in s’registering at an online casino through our website.

Myth 7: No casinos’only offer bonuses to lure you into the casino


a casino bonus is a way of’attract new players to an online casino. Casinos offer l’play money or offer you many free spins. A casino bonus is very expensive for an online casino. They take the risk of giving the bonuses because they know that’a certain percentage of new players will continue to play. A bonus costs l’money at the casino because it gives money’real money or free spins. A spin or bet costs l’money to the casino because it has to pay gambling fees to the providers of the game you are playing.

Casinos offer you different types of bonuses. Each casino offers a welcome bonus. This is a deposit bonus. You will also receive the amount you deposited and a percentage of that amount from the casino. The average deposit bonus is 100% - 200%. If you deposit $ 100 in an online casino with a 200% welcome bonus, you will receive a bonus of $ 100 + $ 200. This bonus is a way to’attract new players to the casino.

There are always bonus terms and conditions added to a casino bonus. The most important is' l’sales requirement ”. You must play with your bonus money a number of times before you can withdraw the bonus.’one of the winnings. A casino must add these conditions or it will go bankrupt. Reaching the bonus conditions can be difficult, but keep in mind’mind that’they’acts of’a free casino giveaway.

You can play online casinos without using any bonus. In this case, you do not’do not have to comply with the bonus conditions before you can withdraw your funds.

Myth 8: Anyone Can Open Their Own Online Casino

You can start an online casino, but this’is very difficult and very expensive. If you want to start an online casino, you need a lot of’money. It is very expensive to set up an online casino website and you have to pay a lot of money.’money to have games from popular game providers like NetEnt, Microgaming and Betsoft. You need’24 hour support with employees. Staff have to speak multiple languages ​​to resolve their players' issues. Reliable customer service and people capable of running the casino cost over $ 500,000 per year. When you start an online casino, you need to implement payment options and withdrawal options. It costs a lot of’money.

You had already invested more than’a million’euros before commissioning. And when you start the casino you have to invest in the marketing because you need the players. If you have players in your casino, those players can win. You have to pay these players within days. This means that you need to’a flow of’healthy money in your casino. There is always a risk that’a player wins a lot of’money. And you must have and pay this money to avoid negative reviews.

When you have enough’money to start a casino you still need to apply for a license. If you have a criminal history or have ever broken the law, you cannot get a license. The Maltese Gaming Authority and the’UKGC have very strict rules for new online casinos.

Myth 9: You always have to pay to play at an online casino

Online casino myths - you always have to pay to play

This n’is not true! If you want to check what the casino game is all about and what emotions are related to it, you can do it anytime without any problem.. As for slot machines and other games, demo versions of games are available in many cases, at the same time.’help which you can know all the rules of the game and play without obligation, without spending a dime or having to register.

Myth 10: A Casino Can Lose You Money’money on every game you play.

Online casinos n’do not have their own games. You cannot turn the knobs and remove the percentages from the games as all games are offered by outside game companies. All games run on a super secure external server. And the casino cannot reach this server. The casino pays a fee to the gaming company when’a player plays a game. A gaming company receives a percentage of each game or bet that’a player does on a game that’he made available to the casino. An online casino n’that is’a passage between the player and the game provider. You cannot influence payouts or revert to player values.

Companies that develop casino games for online casinos are subject to strict regulations. Each game that’they develop must be verified before you can start playing in online casinos. Regulators have been testing new games for some time. If a game is reliable and has fair value to the player, the gaming company can start the game. They start the game at all of the casinos they work with. On average, game companies release a new game every month. They bring around 12 new games to the market every year.


The myths of online casinos are mainly based solely on superstition. Legends about casinos manipulating the odds of winning players or their own casino games with fraudulent dealers sometimes supersede common sense - especially with players who have just come from there.’have a lot of bad luck in the game. So if you are on a losing streak the best thing you can do is to just leave the casino and not fall for conspiracy myths. This will make it easier for you to take advantage of your new chances to win next time and’be more successful.

While we've uncovered some of these myths by now, it's also important to remember that whether you can play or improve your odds of winning with the right skills, the game is largely based on luck. So always play within your limits, don't risk too much and take a break when you find your luck is running out..

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