Responsible gambling

Welcome to the guide’Neardoggmusic on responsible gambling. Playing should be fun and sometimes you can play more than you really want. That in itself n’is not bad, it becomes critical when tangible problems arise from’excessive play. We take gambling addiction very seriously and want to be a safe, reliable and responsible platform for all gamers at all times..

“Responsible Gaming” is a term you must have heard while playing a game. online casino or watching a casino ad on television. Casinos and other operators are encouraged to promote responsible gambling - or more specifically responsible gambling in casinos - and many do. While some casino providers do this only lightly with the “Responsible Gaming” logo on their website, d’others go even further - either voluntarily or because of the laws in the legal field concerned. But what does responsible gambling mean? And what steps can you take to avoid getting into dangerous situations??

Responsible gambling is difficult to describe and cannot be defined solely in terms of the amount of’money. What changes for one player can mean a weekly salary for other players. Regardless of wealth or income, responsible gambling does not mean living beyond your means. In d’other words, do not play with’money that you cannot afford to lose. According to the slogan of’an English campaign: "Once the fun s’stop, we must’Stop".

Qu’is responsible gambling?

What is responsible gambling

Neardoggmusic feels responsible for each player and sees their main task in creating’a safe and secure gaming environment, based on player trust, satisfaction and safety. As an aggregator of online games, we have a duty to warn you as a’user of all problems and consequences associated with your gaming activities, c’that is, as far as possible to protect yourself against any damage, eg. loss of’money, frustration and other psychological problems caused by risky and problematic gambling behavior.

By "Responsible Gaming" is meant a serious attitude towards gambling, when the player becomes aware of the risks involved in a game of chance, as well as of all the possible consequences thereof, where he is. solely responsible for the results of its actions. This term also includes that the player has understood and accepted all the rules and requirements applicable to participation in the game..

In other words, you should think of the game as pure entertainment. When it comes to betting, you need to understand that’once you have agreed to bet some’real money, you will be involved in a risk game and thus agree that the outcome may be completely different from what you might expect. It all depends on your ability to control yourself and have complete mastery over yourself. While playing it is extremely important to be able to stay sober and reasonable and be aware of what is going on around you..

How do I know I'm addicted to gambling??

Responsible gambling - how do I know I'm addicted to gambling

You are now familiar with the typical phases of gambling addiction and probably already have an idea of ​​what it is.’it is necessary to research. As I l’I said, playing can and should be fun and of course you might be playing a lot for a while. You may play for several days in a row and lose an amount of’relatively large money in the process. But that does not mean that you are automatically addicted to the game. Here, c’is similar to d’other addictive illnesses - a few glasses of beer don't make an alcoholic, a long shopping spree doesn't make a shopaholic, etc..

To find out if you have developed problem gambling behavior or addiction to gambling, you can, for example, take a self-test by asking yourself a few questions here and now that may provide clarity. Please be honest with yourself when answering questions.

  • Do you need to invest more and more’money to feel the same positive feeling while playing?
  • Do you constantly think about the game?
  • Have you tried several times in the past to reduce or d’stop playing?
  • Is gambling a way for you to deal with negative aspects such as depression,’anxiety, l’helplessness, guilt, etc..?
  • Have you lied to people about the level of their gambling?
  • Have you suffered any negative consequences while gambling in the past, such as losing your job or losing your’a relationship?
  • Do you have serious financial gambling problems and have you had to let others help you??
  • When you are not playing, do you suffer from negative handicaps such as’agitation or l’irritability?
  • Do you often play longer than expected?
  • Have you ever thought about self-harming behavior or even suicide after gambling??

Please note that these questions are only guidelines and not a rigid diagnostic diagram. The main indicator of pathological gambling is still that gambling has a strong negative effect on d’other areas of life and creates psychological stress.

How to avoid d’to be addicted ?

Responsible gambling - how to avoid being addicted to gambling

There are many ways that players and casino providers can use to reduce gambling problems and limit the damage that can result from gambling.’an irresponsible game. If you suspect that you are developing problem gambling behavior, the following steps may prevent you from becoming addicted to gambling:

See gambling as a hobby and not as a way to earn money.’money. If you're not having fun, stop playing.
Do not play with’money you can't afford to lose.

  • Set daily or weekly deposit limits.
  • If you develop negative feelings such as depression or frustration, don't gamble.
  • Do not play under the’influence of’alcohol.
  • Limit the time you spend playing each day.

In extreme cases where you cannot avoid signing up to the casino and playing, more drastic measures must be taken.. Uninstall gaming apps from your mobile phone and install appropriate filtering software in your browser that prevents visiting certain websites.

What are casinos doing against pathological gambling??

USA land-based casinos are generally required to prevent the negative consequences of gambling addiction.. This is prescribed to them with their license and l’State closely monitors compliance with license conditions.

We hear over and over again, for example, that players at various land-based casinos get stuck in order to get their gambling addiction under control.. These bans are generally binding on casinos, there have been various legal cases in which players have been given back.’money lost because’they came to the casino despite their ban.

Online casinos s’also strive to play responsibly on the internet. They also have licenses that impose appropriate measures on them.. Failure to respect these responsible gaming principles can quickly lead casinos to lose their licenses - and therefore their source of income.. The following measures are offered by online casinos in this context:

  • It is possible to set certain limits for deposits of’money in online casinos. There are also limits for the stakes of the respective games.
  • Many sites - similar to land-based casinos - offer the option to block you for a period of time. Please note that these locks cannot be simply lifted and s’generally apply to all site offers.
  • You can also set specific time intervals on some pages after which a warning appears. Here you can find out how long you've been playing and there is often a button to log out directly.
  • On request, casinos will also remove your email address from their advertising mailing lists so that you are not tempted to advertise..

There are online casinos that place increased value on player protection and therefore have implemented most of the functions mentioned above.. Above all, VegasPlus casino, which has been thoroughly tested by us, s’is unmarked, which, in addition to the points mentioned above, also organizes special training of employees on this topic.

Protection of minors

There is a high risk of developing a gambling addiction, especially for minors. Young people in particular are not yet as well established in their personality and are therefore more likely to develop pathological gambling behaviors. Casinos - qu’they are land-based or online - take the protection of this group of people very seriously. The licensors are ruthless on this point and do not respect the risk of immediate withdrawal of the license..

In order to be able to play in an online casino, you therefore need’proof of’age. Minors who provide false information about their actual age usually lose all claims for payment and earnings. In the worst case, minors or their parents can even be prosecuted. During the’registration, therefore users must’ensure that’they are aged d’at least 18 years old. Besides, most payment methods also require proof of payment.’age secure.


It is important to know that if you become addicted to gambling, you will not’are not alone. Problem gamblers are encouraged to speak openly about the issue with their friends and family. It just cannot eliminate the’anxiety that accompanies the mystery of problem gambling. Gamers are more likely to keep promises not to gamble when their friends know it and discourage them from gambling.

Many websites in USA like Player-Info-Service Where Sos players offer gambling addiction counseling and support services. After meeting with d’other players in a support group and their experiences, you certainly don't want to go through the same situations. In some cases it is necessary to’have individual interviews with qualified experts. It is important to know that’there are a number of resources available to you, both online and offline, such as the’telephone help. In addition, everything the best online casinos offer options’self-exclusion.

Even though the majority of gamers are in control of their gambling behavior and view gambling more as a hobby than’a risky adventure, it is always important to know the different aids. This allows you to’take action if you develop the first signs of’a gambling problem. Knowing a variety of aids will help you support your friends who develop a gambling addiction. Playing in casinos and sports betting is supposed to be fun and fun.’money you could win is a bonus. Hold l’balance when you win, lose, or just cover your expenses. This way you keep a healthy bank balance and a positive outlook for your future..

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