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Real money stakes offer’excitement and profit, and thanks to the different camera angles of Live Blackjack, you are close to the’action. Benefit from the’low house advantage, play strategically against the live dealer and win’real money in a great casino atmosphere. On this page you will learn everything you need to know about live blackjack at online casinos as well as the best live dealer blackjack casinos recommended by our experts.

Live Blackjack also called Live Dealer Blackjack is an exciting casino game where the’house edge can be drastically reduced with the right betting strategy. The live casino game not only gives you a great casino atmosphere which you can enjoy from the comfort of your home, but also the chance to win a lot of winnings.

Live dealer blackjack is here.’one of the most popular casino games as more and more players discover the wonders of live dealer games. The game is no longer dependent on the built-in random number generation software. Instead, a dealer is present in a studio set up like a casino, dealing the cards and allowing you to see the game with your own eyes..

Qu’does live blackjack?

What is Live Blackjack

Blackjack has been around since its beginnings in European gambling halls in the 17th century. In the online world, "live dealer blackjack" refers to online blackjack games that are played through an online casino and managed by a real dealer instead of.’a random number generator (RNG) which guarantees fair play. which can be followed via webcam.

What Live Blackjack offers is a mix between playing online casino software and playing in a regular casino. This requires the’opening d’an account with’an online casino. Then a decision is made as to whether you want to play blackjack with the RNG software or live dealer blackjack, that is,’is to say a croupier.

How Live Dealer Blackjack Works?

If you have decided to play live dealer blackjack, you must register with’a recommended online casino that offers live dealer casino games. You will be asked to register with your personal information and provide your payment information in order to’make deposits and withdrawals from the casino.

You are now ready to play live dealer blackjack games. Simply click on the “Live Casino” link on your online casino's website, then select the Blackjack game. A new window s’will open, which will broadcast images of’a studio furnished in the classic style of’a casino.

You will see the blackjack table as well as the dealer in real time. You will also see how your decisions are made in seconds as it s’acts of’a live stream that is sent from the studio directly to your computer. The playing conditions d’a classic casino are much better simulated than’with software.

The Benefits of Live Blackjack.

For anyone who would like to enjoy the benefits of online blackjack, but s’to have more fun with the much more realistic offline experiences, playing with a live dealer is exactly the right thing. Because practicing blackjack with a live dealer in an online casino has several advantages.

The authentic casino feeling at home

The Benefits of Live Blackjack.

In addition to the’pragmatic advantage of being able to practice live blackjack in an online casino much more comfortably than’having to go to a real casino for your favorite game of chance, there are’other benefits related to the feel of the game itself. THE’casino experience with live dealer blackjack in an online casino is very close to that of its counterpart in the offline area. Because what generally makes an offline experience so unique and undeniable for you, it is’is the fact that you are playing with real people and a real dealer. 

Live dealer blackjack in the online casino turns this almost 1: 1 into the world of gambling.’Internet. You n’therefore do not have to do without’a real dealer with this one. Video function makes this audiovisual part of your little home gaming world. He shuffles the live cards, deals them live to all players and draws the live cards from there.’a real card game. Of course, blackjack cannot be simulated to the point where you have real cards in your hand at home.. It doesn’there is simply no way to do this without problems. But it’is easy to overcome due to all the benefits that live dealer blackjack brings to online casinos.

The feeling of’authenticity due to the video function n’is not the only thing that makes blackjack so authentic in online casinos with a live dealer. So the cards that the live dealer shuffles, deals and draws are actually real.. Your gaming experience n’is not spoiled by the fact that you must be satisfied with virtual cards. True, you cannot hold the cards in your own hands, but this cannot be avoided due to the distance between all players. At least it's good to know that the live dealer is playing real cards and you are in fact in a real casino..

 THE’live dealer use of real cards also means that the random number generator is disabled when cards are dealt. Cards that have already been drawn and played have in fact already been drawn and played and are therefore no longer in the card deck for the turn.. With a purely virtual card game, this would not be the case at all or it would not be verifiable because there is no’does not really exist.

Contact d’other players using live chat

Another advantage of live dealer blackjack in the online casino is the ability to’interact directly with other players. You cannot do this at all with the non-live variants of casino games in this form, ie.’is why you have the guarantee of’a boost in additional gaming pleasure. Because what could be nicer than fighting verbal battles with other players during’a round of blackjack to gain a psychological advantage. Live dealer blackjack verbal battles in the online casino are not real verbal battles but rather 'hit battles', but they always help keep the casino as authentic as possible through the live chat window..

In addition to the "strike fights" described with d’other players, live chat also gives you the option to communicate with the live dealer. So you can l’use to address explicit gambling questions to the live dealer. It can s’act out questions about specific rules or fundamental questions about the game. However, you should avoid d’using live chat too much for interaction with the live dealer or other players, as it should always be’act of the game itself and not of’a pleasant conversation with d’other people.

A visual treat for lovers of graphic delights

Since the live dealer is usually broadcast in very high quality, you will get a lot of the live dealer blackjack graphics offered in the online casino.. An elaborate virtual board in combination with different game table camera settings is something not to be missed. Of course, it depends on the casino software you are using, the quality of the graphics and the possibility of’display various camera settings from the game board. So, before you want to go to live dealer blackjack in the online casino, you need to find out in detail about the most recommended online casino for this blackjack..

In addition, it is impossible to bypass a fast internet connection. You must therefore clarify at the’advance if your internet connection can handle the graphics requirements of live dealer blackjack d’some online casino. If so, then let's go for the fun of it and indulge your heart's content at Live Dealer Blackjack.. Otherwise, if the Internet connection at home does not’is not fast enough, it doesn’there is probably no’other option than d’get one faster. However, as this may be associated with a greater effort, you must d’first check by looking through many different casino software, if really not a single one in Live Dealer Blackjack can handle the slightly lower speed of your own internet line..

In L’together it is always nice to be able to enjoy the graphical advantages of live dealer blackjack in the online casino. In particular because of the very beautiful animations of the different players. Because’with this only the croupier, the game table and the cards are actually in a casino, but not the players themselves, these should at least be animated and visible. To do this, you usually have to choose between several characters before the game starts, which should represent yourself.. A great option that is especially popular with live dealer blackjack fans.

Live Dealer Black players - especially men - also like the fact that casinos prefer to use young, pretty women as live dealers.. Of course, professional qualification as a card reader is equally important, c’is why a casino not only takes into account the’attractiveness when selecting the dealer, but also intensively checks the’Professional aptitude. Ultimately, the best combination for a casino seems to be a perfect appearance paired with a high level of professional skill..

Variations of Live Blackjack.

Live Blackjack has many different variations that you can play at the online casino in USA. For the sake of’comprehensiveness, we mention some of the more popular variations, but it should be noted that online casinos often only specialize in one type of live blackjack due to the’effort and cost. Do you already have a favorite type of game? Before heading to the gaming table at a live dealer casino, check the rules for the respective variant. We give you a brief overview of the popular blackjack variations:

  • Classic: the most popular form of play forms the basis for all other variations. Classic blackjack is played with 52 cards.
  • European: This variant is also played with 52 cards, but differs slightly from the classic game. You can only double down on 9 and 11, only split your hand’only once and not to lie down during the game. The dealer is on 17 and you lose the game if the dealer has blackjack.
  • Spanish: This variant is played with 6 to 8, i.e. a deck of 48 cards. Some deviations from the standard rules: face cards count 10, while’he doesn’there are not 10 in the stack. The croupier n’don't need s’stop at 17, the dealer's blackjack surpasses that of’one player and you can double down on n’any number of cards.
  • Vegas Strip: This variant is played with 4 decks of 52 cards each. You can divide your hand into up to’with three hands, the dealer is 17 and you can double down on n’whichever of the first two cards.
  • Atlantic City: Slightly different from the Vegas Strip and played with 8 decks of 52 cards. The dealer is 17 and you can go to bed late
  • Blackjack Switch: Rarely encountered, but very interesting. The rules may vary in each casino, but in principle you can trade cards between two hands..
  • Pontoon: THE’one of the most popular variations of Black Jack and comes from’England. As with Germans 17 and 4 you cannot split a hand, an ace is worth 11 points and two aces means blackjack.

Live dealer blackjack for mobile devices

Live Blackjack - Live Dealer on Mobile

In online casinos in USA, Live blackjack is possible in two ways: either with a standalone casino software for live dealer blackjack, which you install on your desktop PC or Mac, or as a game directly in the browser without a download. This is often also possible on your mobile device such as iPhone and iPad or Android smartphone and tablet. Mobile device support may be different at live dealer online blackjack casinos, as technically video transmission and gaming as well as’interaction with the live dealer and other players must also be guaranteed on mobile phones or tablets.

The Best Online Casinos to Play Live Blackjack

There are many live blackjack offers waiting for you at German online casinos. But who wants to try out every casino for the best live blackjack deal? Our team’Casino experts have done some of the work for you so that you can immediately focus on your live gaming. We have found the best USA online casinos to play live blackjack and we can quote you among others Machance casino, Vegasplus casino, Cresus casino etc..

So you can quickly find the best odds and payout percentages. You can also be assured that we have already verified all providers for safe and reliable payment methods and that the blackjack casinos we recommend have EU license and certification. eCOGRA. Choose your Internet Casino from our list of the best and you will certainly get a Welcome Bonus from it.’at least 100%! This way you are guaranteed to double your real money balance with your first deposit. Earn money’real money with Live Dealer Blackjack!

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