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How about’a full evening at the casino without having to leave your home? Many live roulette casinos allow USA players to play the world's most popular casino game from home with’real money while enjoying’a touch of l’sparkling atmosphere of real casinos. We explain how live roulette works, what game variations are available and recommend live casinos in USA with the best roulette games online..

Live roulette, also known as live dealer roulette, has become increasingly popular on the Internet in recent years. While the game of virtual online roulette also has its charms and can be played for very small stakes, with live online roulette you can experience something of the game.’other like the good casino atmosphere with a real croupier and chat with the croupier and the other players

How live roulette works?

Basically, live dealer roulette n’is no different from online roulette. The player spreads his bets on the board and hopes that the ball s’will stop on the correct number in the wheel to win. But: the whole game is live. This means that somewhere in the world a studio has been set up with a real croupier. Players' bets at the roulette table (you do not’are not alone) are placed in real time - approximately one minute is available for each round .

How to play roulette with a live dealer?

How to play live roulette

You register with the online casino of your choice, make a first deposit and get your welcome bonus. Then choose an active live dealer table. Then you will be practically taken to a room with a live dealer. Most of the time, c’is a pretty young lady who will be happy to talk to you. You place your bet and the dealer spins the roulette wheel and drops the ball. You can see the ball number live and will be paid automatically if you win. The croupier also comments and congratulates the winner (s).

Live roulette variations.

In most cases, you will find European Roulette in different types of games. These include the two spectacular Immersive and Prestige Roulette variants as well as various auto and turbo versions. These are z. T. played without a dealer. Depending on the supplier and the table, the La Partage rule can be’apply or not to live tables. Sometimes a USA roulette table is also offered in this context, where you will certainly benefit from the’low house advantage. NetEnt even gives you the choice of’activate or not La Partage. The decision must be clear.

With Double Ball there is a brand new variant of the boiler game, in which two balls are played at once. Extreme Live Gaming is currently d’ahead of the amazing live roulette games. With the Golden Ball variant you can compete with d’other roulette players. If you bet more than the other competitors within a certain period of time, you can earn extra profit. This tournament mode is just as unique as the versions called Reel Roulette, which combine the kettle game with elements of the famous games of slot machines Novolin.

The advantages of live roulette.

The advantages of live roulette.

If you want to play without a random number generator, online live dealer roulette is for you. Even though our selection of casinos are thoroughly checked for l’fairness of the random number generator, we understand that some gamers prefer live games d’a casino with virtual variants on the net. After all, you can see the dealer spin the wheel here, watch the ball spin and how it spins.’eventually stops at a number. VS’is really a good thing.

Differences between live roulette and online roulette

  • Social component: playing roulette with a live dealer, c’is like playing in a casino. This means that you can congratulate other players on their successful bets, see how other roulette players are betting online, and personally thank the dealer.’they made a good profit. And it doesn't cost you a tip.
  • Real casino feeling: Internet casinos in USA do their best to give you the’print d’a real casino. But even the most impressive graphics can't compete with what live dealer roulette has to offer.. Live dealer roulette is streamed from a real casino or studio. Friendly German-speaking dealers are happy to chat with players who have taken seats at the table.
  • Seat availability: There is always a free seat at online casinos. VS’is because’they are software based and casino websites just need’open a new virtual table. In live roulette casinos online you play in a real location. And as with any real casino, the number of open seats may be limited.. But in the best online roulette casinos, there are often more than’a table for the roulette variant of your choice.

Live Roulette Strategy

In addition, roulette offers multiple opportunities. A look at the game board, the board, shows you the similarities and neighborhoods of the individual numbers, as these are represented according to their arrangement in the roulette wheel. You can combine multiple numbers in your bet. Betting on a single number, on the other hand, offers the highest profit with a payout ratio of 35 to 1..

  • The bet on two adjacent numbers (Horse or Split) offers an odds of 17 to 1.
  • The three numbers on a horizontal row of the table are called Solid Cross, English Street. The payout rate is 11 to 1. The first three numbers, 0, 1 and 2, called the first three, the first three, have the same odds..
  • Four adjacent numbers on the game board are called Square or Corner. The bet offers odds of 8 to 1. The first four numbers (0, 1, 2 and 3) have the same odds as The first four, the first four.
  • The line, single cross or line, where you bet on two cross lines of the board, offers odds of 5 to 1.
  • There are three dozen, dozen or dozen different, namely 1–12, 13–24 and 25–36. The win rate here is 2 to 1.
  • The same chances are offered by columns, columns or columns, which divide the numbers into groups of 12 according to their arrangement.
  • You can calculate the odds as follows: Divide the number 36 by the number of occupied numbers and subtract one. Calculation example Square: 36/4 - 1 corresponds to 8 to 1.

Your real money payout amount depends on your stake and payout ratio. For beginners, c’It is a good idea to start with simple and probable bets and only gradually place several bets at a time once you get a feel for the game. If you want to practice roulette for free before you bet on it’real money live roulette, use normal roulette with l’play money in german online casino.

There are also many more or less promising roulette systems that you can discover on the Internet or in specialized stores..

Online casinos with live dealer roulette for mobile devices

Online casinos with live roulette for mobile devices

Whether you can enjoy live roulette in the German online casino with your iPhone and iPad or your Android smartphone and tablet depends on the provider. Technically, the game is also possible on mobile devices, provided that’fast internet connection. Sometimes a desktop PC or Mac with standalone software is needed for Live Roulette. Waiting for, the best online casinos also offer live roulette directly in the browser without downloading.

Discover the best online roulette casinos for live dealer play

THE’live roulette experience at the casinos we recommend leaves nothing to be desired. The angles of view, the video quality and the friendliness of the croupiers will convince you.

To ensure a really solid roulette experience, we also take into account factors like payout speed, l’bonus offer, customer service and the range of games offered by reliable online casinos.

Qu’are you waiting? Sign up today’hui to l’one of the online roulette casinos with live dealers namely Machance casino, Vegas Plus casino, Where Cresus casino

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