Online casinos with the best loyalty programs

Online casinos n’not only offer new customers great offers. As an avid gamer, you benefit from VIP casino programs and loyalty programs. Your active play with a provider will be rewarded with points which you can convert into prizes. The casinos also have attractive offers and events exclusively for regular gamblers, which you can also benefit from. We explain what you need to know about loyalty programs.

Welcome to our guide to online casinos with the best loyalty programs. In land-based casinos, loyalty programs are only reserved’to the richest of the rich, if anything like that. A VIP in a land-based casino is equivalent to a high player .

High Roller is the name given to players with a very high budget who can afford to bet large amounts of four or five figures on individual games, if possible. These VIPs can s’expect preferential treatment when’they visit a casino, or they can be contacted directly with offers and giveaways from’a very special guy.

Of course, only the big game palaces can afford it - in the local game library, this n’is not possible no matter how many d’money you leave there.

These special VIP programs, which are only accessible by invitation, are also available at major online casinos.. VIP programs include rewards such as:

  • Exclusive bonuses
  • Invitations to major events and trips
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Gifts’birthday
  • Specially selected bonuses
  • Access to the high tables of the live casino

Qu’do’a loyalty program?

Essentially, loyalty programs are freebies that players receive from’a online casino like a form of’appreciation for being a committed and loyal player for a specific period of time. They are also another way for players to participate in exciting competitions hosted by the casino. So this n’is not a strange thing for casinos to’offer a cruise or a weekend’getaway to amazing places like Las Vegas to its loyal players.

Programs are also used to track the’player activity on the gaming site. They watch how many times a player logs in, how often they make deposits to their casino account, how much they win and even how much they lose. The gaming site will then use all of this information in a multi-level point structure. Each criteria we mentioned above will then determine if a player goes up’a level or not. S’they do, they earn a certain number of points.

How to select a casino with a top notch loyalty bonus

How to select a casino with a top notch loyalty bonus

At this point, you are probably wondering how to select a good betting site with the best loyalty programs.. Essentially, you need to focus on more than loyalty programs when choosing a good casino to play in.. The casino has d’great programs, and everything else is sub-standard so you don't’will definitely not have a great gaming experience. Here are some of the essentials to consider when getting started with casinos and loyalty programs..

Casino games

The casino games offered are l’one of the essential things to take into account. Since players play more often to earn points, then they should be able to select a few casino games from an online gambling site.. This means that the casino game library should be expanded, with a bit of this and that.

Safety and security

Players must s’make sure to play in reliable online casinos. This can be done in s’ensuring that the gaming site has the latest SSL encryption system to protect player information from any third party.

Loyalty programs offered

We always advise players to look at the rewards offered by a casino. This will make it easier for them to compare different loyalty programs and select the one that suits them best.. In addition, we recommend that players carefully read and understand the terms and conditions that accompany these offers, in order to s’ensure that’they play the right games that will allow them to earn points

The difference between VIP and regular loyalty programs

Guide to the best online casino loyalty programs

Both programs require regular play at the online casino of your choice. But which variant is the most interesting? It entirely depends on your personal taste.

High Roller VIP worth it if:

  • You wish to attend events with d’other online casino players
  • You appreciate d’be contacted personally by a casino
  • Particularly luxurious service is important to you
  • You n’don't like the feeling of having to work to get bonuses

Loyalty programs, on the other hand, are for you if:

  • You don't spend as much’money in the online casino and always want something more
  • Do you like the playful concept of getting through different levels and d’get something special for each level
  • You want to be rewarded for each game or want to redeem your rewards yourself instead of’wait for a random time chosen by the casino
  • You n’don't need a lot of personal contact through an online casino other than’a personal account manager

Basically everyone loves the feeling of’be special. With loyalty programs, more online players can take advantage of this feeling that’with high level VIP programs.

The best online casino loyalty programs

It's time to bring you the best loyalty programs right now. We have set up for you the most extensive loyalty programs among the casinos that we recommend. There are some for all tastes .

Lafiesta casino

At the house of Lafiesta casino, you get a lot of’offers, from the first game. With each of the four levels there are new perks.

Here are the advantages:

  • First level personal account manager
  • Welcome gifts to reach each new level
  • Loyalty points for stakes (smaller stake required with higher level)
  • monthly cashback from the third level
  • Exclusive VIP draws at the highest VIP level

Magical spin

The VIP program of Magical spin even includes 6 levels. If you can keep your VIP level consistent with your bet size, here's a bonus for your effort.. To reach individual levels you collect loyalty points which also have monetary value.

What to expect:

  • Loyalty points that you can redeem for’money
  • Cash bonus for reaching a level (from level 3)
  • Monthly bonuses (from level 2)
  • Calendar d’exclusive VIP action for all levels
  • Higher withdrawal limits (from level 3)
  • Faster payments (from level 4)
  • Additional promotions, account managers and bonuses’birthday from level 4

Winoui casino

The loyalty program of Winoui casino is guaranteed to have the most bonus - the online casino specializes in slot machines, and as such you know what you get as a VIP: regular free spins! There are a total of 7 levels.

  • Welcome offer for new members, free spins to reach other levels and bonuses for every deposit at the highest level
  • Cashback or personalized offers
  • Better exchange rates for the reward points you also earn with each play
  • Faster payments
  • Free spins on Sundays with different free spins amounts depending on the VIP level
  • Bonus d’birthday
  • VIP Slot Tournaments
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Cashback at the highest levels

Vegas Plus casino

At the house of Vegas Plus Casino Also, there are regular recurring bonuses at each level of the VIP program. Especially great - you get a no deposit bonus when you reach each of the 4 levels.

There is also:

  • Free spins in Book of Dead to level up
  • No deposit bonus with different wagering requirements depending on level
  • Faster payments
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Anniversary offers
  • Regular free spins or cashback at the two highest levels

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