Online casino

4.0 rating
Up to $ 1000 bonus + 100 free spins
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New players

the minimum deposit to get the bonus is $ 20

* Wagering requirement = 25X
4.5 rating
100% up to $ 250 or 300% up to $ 60 + 20 free spins
New players

By requesting a withdrawal, you forfeit all bonuses (Bonus balance) in your account.

* Wagering requirement = 90X
3.5 rating
100% up to $ 200
New players only

All bonuses expire 14 days after being credited if wagering conditions have not been met.

* Wagering requirement = 40X
3.8 rating
Up to $ 750 bonus + 50 free spins
New players

By requesting a withdrawal, you forfeit all bonuses (Bonus balance) in your account.

* Wagering requirement = 120X
4.0 rating
Up to $ 3,000 bonus spread over your first 3 deposits
New players

When the bonus has been obtained, the maximum wager allowed is 7.5 $ / until the minimum wagering requirement has been reached.

* Wagering requirement = 30X
4.3 rating
150% welcome bonus up to $ 300 No wagering requirement
New players

You are not allowed to place bets of 25% or more of your total balance on a single game round. Players exceeding this limit could potentially have their bonus and bonus payouts removed..

* Wagering requirement = 0X
3.8 rating
Up to $ 3000 welcome bonus + 20 free spins
New players

A minimum deposit of $ 20 is required to obtain the Welcome Bonus.

* Wagering requirement = 45X
3.8 rating
Up to 1000 $ bonus
New players

You have 14 days following your deposit to use this offer

* Wagering requirement = 30X
3.0 rating
10% up to 5,000 $
New players

When the bonus has been obtained, the maximum wager allowed is 7.5 $ / until the minimum wagering requirement has been reached.

* Wagering requirement = 30X
3.0 rating
Up to $ 3,000 bonus spread over your first 3 deposits
New players

When the bonus has been obtained, the maximum wager allowed is 7.5 $ / until the minimum wagering requirement has been reached.

* Wagering requirement = 30X

VS’is with pleasure that we can welcome you in the largest online casino guide in USA. Here at Neardoggmusic you can experience the real excitement you get when you walk through the doors of real casinos, but it all happens online. In d’other words, if you are looking for the ultimate online gaming experience, let the experts in you guide you.’InfoCasino

The large number of online casinos makes it difficult to distinguish between those which are reliable and those which offer the best value for money - c’is why we are here for you. You will find on Neardoggmusic the best online casinos with the most advantageous bonuses, free spins, offers and rewards. Sometimes there are also exclusive bonuses which can only be obtained from us. Here you will also get slot machine reviews and games.’other casino games, casino news and entertainment’other useful information in the’gaming industry. Neardoggmusic gets you on the right track!

Why should you play at online casino?

Why should you play at an online casino? And what are the differences between online casinos and land-based casinos? In this section, we discuss the differences between online casinos and land-based casinos in more detail and show the pros and cons..

  • Online casinos are accessible to everyone. In land-based casinos, you depend on the’place where the nearest casino was built. Some casinos do’also do not allow people living nearby to play. This is intended to protect the players. But can also be interpreted as paternalism. In addition, classic casinos naturally have working hours.’opening. These are also not known in the online casino. There you can play on holidays and at night without any problem or restriction.
  • Save yourself the long trip and come home. And anyway, you save a lot of’money when you play from home. Dining in land-based casinos costs at least as much as in a pub. In the online casino, however, you fall back on what you have in your own refrigerator. Less stylish, but it doesn't cost too much. And you eat and drink what you like the most instead of submitting to the availability of regional cuisine and keeping prices up to date.’spirit. Playing in an online casino is also cheaper than in a land-based casino..
  • No dress code. Put on a suit and tie, nice shoes and go to the plush casino. VS’is something. Finally, this also ensures that the’land-based casino atmosphere is so extraordinary. However, this is also associated with effort and cost. Those who prefer it worthy are much more to the’comfortable in comfortable clothes in the online casino. In d’other words: online casinos n’have no dress code or rules of conduct.
  • Better payout ratio. Then there is of course the payout ratio, which is significantly higher in an online casino than in a traditional, land-based gambling hall. VS’is clear too. The classic casinos are located in d’huge, splendid and secular buildings. And it continues like a red thread to the’interior. Red carpets, chandeliers and gold decorations cost more than’a beautiful website. And if each table game must have its own dealer, it is’is also more expensive than if a live casino dealer can handle d’countless online games at the same time. In online casinos, instead of’a payout rate of’around 60%, you get an impressive 96-98%.

How to play online casino?

Playing at an online casino is very easy. The process of’registration is done in minutes and you are ready to play immediately. THE’next step is to choose a bonus casino to get money’Extra bonus money and free spins credited to the game account. Then simply choose from different game categories. Most online casinos will offer you a selection that includes both slots, jackpot games, table games, scratch cards and a live casino. Many online casinos also offer lotto and bingo. You are free to play the games from there’device that suits you best. Most online casinos now have a mobile casino that allows you to play wherever you are. You can only connect and play via your mobile, tablet or PC.

How to find the right online casino for me?

How to find your online casino?

There are many different online casinos listed on Neardoggmusic, which we have all personally tested with real people.’real money. Since the wishes and ideas of’a good casino are different, you can use the filters to refine your search.

Clicking on the logo of the desired casino takes you to the details page of the respective game provider. Here you will find all the important information, such as the number of slots, the software manufacturers offered and the contact details of the online casino..

THE’Neardoggmusic team n’accepts only the best online casinos that we have carefully checked beforehand. To do this, a member of the’team creates an account, deposits the’real money and play up’that we make a profit and can record a real money payment to our account. The new casino will only be included in the comparison list when’it works correctly.

Neardoggmusic lives community first, so you not only get from the comparison list to casino test reports but also to user reviews. The number of notes is noted. With one click you can read the exact ratings.

The different online casino games

Casino games are available in many varieties. Here you can, among other things, choose between slot machines, table games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps etc., live dealer games. Many game developers come up with exciting innovative solutions with new casino game concepts. It is possible to’try to’first free casino games, then you can try your luck with some free casino games.’real money. THE’casino industry is constantly evolving.

Slot machines

Online Casino - Slot Machines

There is a lot of’opportunities when’they’slot machines are all about and, you can almost get dizzy when you visit some online casinos with thousands of slot machine games under one roof. Slot machines d’today’hui come in all shapes and colors, including themed video slots and jackpot games that often hit the headlines. However, there are some classic slot machines that shouldn't be missed, not to mention’a good number of beautiful games of’unique silverware that take creativity to such a high level that’we can't classify them at all.

The USA-language online casino specialist has written long in-depth reviews of several hundred slot machines and frequently publishes new articles on the latest online casino games. With our help, you will find a large selection and easily find the best USA slots, for games that are truly worth your attention and effort. Games that can earn you millions of dollars’euro in winnings (progressive jackpot), or lure you into the’digital environment and give you agonizing excitement in the’top shelf. Or both at the same time!

Online roulette.

Online Casino - Roulette

All online casinos recommended by the casino specialist contain digital roulette tables, so you have the flexibility to play roulette online whenever you want. Most often, you will actually see several different roulette games at the same time, including European roulette, USA roulette, and American roulette. Moreover, these will also be divided into different sub-categories where the stakes and side games will vary! We love Norwegian Roulette! If you want to play roulette online, then the casino specialist is a natural choice whether you are a beginner or an expert - we show you the best online casinos for online roulette games.!

Online blackjack.

Online Casino - Blackjack

Blackjack also experienced a new renaissance after the’advent of online casino games. Digital blackjack tables are now in place at all of the casino sites here at Neardoggmusic, and in most cases you are over.’a dozen different tables to try out - including blackjack for high players, where you can bet tens of thousands of crowns per spin.

Classic blackjack and blackjack singles are the most popular variations, but casino specialists can also recommend several other variations of the legendary card game as "multi-hand" is often advantageous since you are playing here with several hands at the same. time, while the Creative Deal or No Deal Blackjack offers a unique experience where the croupier will offer you money.’bedtime dinner money. The casino specialist recommends that all its players d’try online blackjack, especially because the classic casino game offers an unaffordable payout rate if you follow the "perfect" strategy.

Online craps.

Online Casino - Craps

Of course, you can also play craps online! The good old dice game has really seen a revival.’interest after starting to appear in online casinos, and d’countless online casino players have now enjoyed the real atmosphere that craps still offers. The casino specialist has several good recommendations for you who want to play craps online, including an insightful guide that explains all the rules of the dice game, as well as direct links to selected casinos where several different craps tables are part. from the selection of games. When you feel something’a little different and want to understand why craps is seen so often in various movies on the’movie screen, just play online craps!

online baccarat

Online casino - Baccarat

Although baccarat has long lived in the’A shadow of its two classic casinos, roulette and blackjack, many players have recently discovered exactly why baccarat tables are often separated from roulette and blackjack tables in physical and land-based casinos. VS’is because baccarat is very exciting, very nerve-racking and often very expensive! The casino specialist has of course written about baccarat and has given his dear readers a comprehensive guide that explains all the rules and nuances of the game, but we would like to remind you once again that baccarat is often played with stakes. higher than roulette and blackjack. Therefore, online baccarat s’also accompanies d’a rather extravagant and lavish atmosphere that cannot be compared to anything’other. NOT’isn't it time you tried playing baccarat online?

Live dealer

Live dealer from the best online casinos

Play at live casino in online casinos has become very popular in recent years. A live casino gives casino players the chance to play all of the classic table games that l’found in a land-based casino. This includes games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, but over time there have been many more variations. When you play in a live casino, you will be greeted by a real dealer, almost like in a real casino. Here you also have the option to chat with the dealer while playing.

You might be wondering how to play live casino? VS’is actually very simple. When you are in the live casino section, you will get a list of all the live casino games available. Then simply choose a table that matches your betting level. The live dealer will appear at the’screen via a livestream and you will be prompted to place your bets.

The different types of online casino bonuses

Online Casino - The different types of bonuses

When you play at an online casino, you will be able to get several types of casino bonuses. The casino bonus you get as part of the’registering the game account can take a long time and give you more chances of winning. It is important to read all about the bonus wagering requirements. As a general rule, these bonuses must be played and completed before they are’a withdrawal can be made. Then you can try new exciting bonus offers.

Welcome bonus.

Every online casino offers some kind of welcome bonus. Qu’they’whether it be free spins or deposit bonuses, new customers can always s’expect an attractive starter package when’they make their first deposit at an online casino.

Most welcome deposit bonuses are 100%. So if you deposit a certain amount of’money, you will also receive the same amount as the’bonus money. VS’is a great way for you to search for a jackpot and d’increase your bankroll. For example, imagine you sign up at a casino with a 100% deposit bonus up to’at 200 $. If you deposit $ 100, you will receive a bonus of $ 100 and can thus play for $ 200 in the casino.

Some welcome bonuses are lower, while d’others can reach 500% of your deposit. However, you should also take into account the wagering requirements and the maximum allowed payout amount if you are looking for the best welcome bonuses.

Free spins

Free spins are a very common way of giving bonuses. These are free spins or free spins on some slot machines. Sometimes an online casino may offer free spins when l’recording d’a gambling account. However, it is more common to’get extra free spins when’a deposit. Sometimes you can also get some very valuable free spins called Big Spins, Mega Spins or Super Spins. In addition to the welcome bonus, you can get plenty of free spins and get a good start in the game.’casino adventure.

Deposit bonus

The most common form of bonus at an online casino is the deposit bonus. You almost always get this in the welcome package when you sign up. In addition to this, the online casino may have promotional offers offering weekly and monthly deposit bonuses. With l’using these bonuses you get good value for money and even more chances of winning.

No deposit bonus

Nowadays there is no’It is not uncommon that many online casinos even offer a free bonus to new customers. The peculiarity is that the player n’do not have to make a deposit beforehand. Players can test a casino for free or enjoy their favorite games without having to risk their own money.

To be able to use such an offer, you just need to register. You do this by opening an account. There you go, you are already dusting off a no deposit bonus. No deposit bonuses are also subject to wagering requirements, which can sometimes be higher than normal deposit offers. Additionally, if you manage to clear with a no deposit bonus, you may need to make a deposit before you can withdraw your winnings. So be sure to read the terms and conditions and take note of the wagering requirements before’opt for a no deposit bonus.

Reload bonus

When you are an existing customer of’an online casino, it is very common that sometimes you get a good reload bonus offer. This gives l’extra bonus money in the account on the next deposit. For example, it is very common to’get a 100% reload bonus up to’at 500 $. If you use such a reload bonus, you will get an additional $ 500 to play if you deposit $ 500. These bonuses have a wagering requirement that must be met before the’money can be withdrawn.

Cashback bonus

A cashback bonus, as his name l’may have already revealed, is a bonus that allows you to pay yourself back. The principle of cashback n’not only exist in online casinos - these bonuses’also apply to purchases with bonus point systems or in loyalty programs.

With a cashback bonus, you always get back’ money to play. The most common is the cashback bonus for losses. With this bonus you get a fixed percentage of the l’money you lost while playing in the course of’a certain period of time. A cashback bonus can be offered by an online casino in this format, for example:

10% cash back on last week's net losses

Deposit Method Bonus.

Although’they are rare, there are a few online casinos that offer customers additional bonuses depending on the deposit method chosen. These bonuses are there to make certain payment methods attractive to players. Even s’he doesn’there are’an extra 10% bonus, your credit is satisfied every time.

Loyalty bonus

Several online casinos also have exclusive VIP programs that provide casino players with additional benefits based on the’gambling activity. If you are a loyal casino player this can often pay off. Then, from time to time, you will be offered a good offer in the form of a loyalty bonus. These bonuses can be a special bonus, additional rewards with free spins,’other types of prizes or trips to experience major events. As’a major player in some online casinos, you will also benefit from faster withdrawals, larger deposit limits and more.’personal VIP service.

Referral bonus d’a friend.

Some casinos offer a referral bonus. Basically, you get a bonus every time you inspire and win a friend for an online casino. This type of bonus is relatively rare, so you won't come across it often..

THE’idea behind this bonus is of course d’attract new customers to the casino. As a player, on the other hand, you get the extra credit you get for your advertising. As with any casino bonus, it is advisable to consult the conditions of participation beforehand. Do your homework before you log in and risk losing some’money. If you n’are not sure, just contact casino customer service. After all, c’is here to answer your questions.

Online Casino - Quick Start Guide.

When playing at an online casino, there are a few things to look for before choosing to create a gaming account. Below is a little getting started guide on what you need to check before you start playing at an online casino. line. They’is the license, the process of’registration, welcome bonuses and shared personal information.

  1. Check the casino requirements (legal age, license?)
    Before’register a game account with’an online casino, it is important to know that’they operate legally. Something to check immediately is what is the’legal age to play at the online casino. You must be 18 years old to play at an online casino. The second thing to check is the license they have. All reputable online casinos have an approved casino license.
  2. Visit their page d’registration
    Before you start playing at a new online casino, you can check their page for’registration to get an overview of the general rules and conditions that apply’apply when you play. If you see unreasonable conditions, you should consider setting before you start the process of’registration.
  3. Make sure you select the welcome bonus
    When you are a new player at an online casino, you will usually be offered a welcome bonus. VS’is a choice you have, so you need to make sure you choose the welcome bonus so that the’Bonus money and free spins are credited automatically when you deposit money.’money.
  4. Submit your details
    When you register with an online casino, you must submit your details in order to play. They’acts of’personal information such as name, l’address, l’e-mail address and’other details. It is very important to fill in the correct information and not to create more game accounts.’is allowed’have what’only one game account per person.
  5. Search for an email or text
    During the’recording d’a gambling account at an online casino, it is sometimes necessary to verify the gambling account by sending an email or text to the phone number provided. Then you need to confirm it before you can start playing.
  6. Once the account is verified, make your first deposit
    Once the online casino gaming account has been verified by email or text message, you are ready to make the first deposit. For’have a 100% verified game account, you can also send a copy of your coin to’identity and proof of’address immediately after l’registration. Then you n’you don't have to wait unnecessarily to get documents approved for future withdrawals. The first deposit can be made using several different payment methods.
  7. Choose games and start playing!
    After making the first deposit, the fun begins. Then all you have to do is choose. There are many categories of games to choose from. Slot machines are still popular. Otherwise, there are many exciting games in a live casino. Here you can also try your luck at several of their game shows..