Welcome to the complete guide to’Neardoggmusic on Online Roulette. If you want to learn about it’advantages on online roulette in USA casinos, variations and strategies of online roulette or get the best experience of online roulette enjoying the best bonuses, then this article is for you.

Both online and land-based roulette is a casino table game that consists of’a numbered wheel where players can place their bets on a single number, a group of numbers, the colors red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or whether the numbers are high (19-36) or low (1- 18) and combinations of the above such as: Roulette chooses a number that is red, high, and odd. When it comes to betting options, roulette players have a wide range of choices ranging from the choice of’a number, d’a small range of numbers or else’others. Depending on your level of player, you can also use different roulette strategies. NOT’remember that the game of roulette is both a game based on probability and luck.

To determine the winning number, a dealer or random number generator spins the roulette wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction on the circular path that surrounds the roulette wheel. At one point the ball enters the roulette wheel on a number. VS’is the moment of truth: did you hit something, no?

Online roulette in USA casinos.

On Neardoggmusic, we've taken a very close look at the best online roulette casinos. THE’the focus was on reputable casinos that appeal to gambling fans.’money in USA. Online casino roulette providers, such as Machance casino, VegasPlus casino, Unique casino and others have at least a European license. In addition to licenses, d’other aspects are important for serious online roulette offers. This includes:

Casino roulette
  • Bonus and wagering conditions
  • Online roulette offer and live games offer
  • Quality of customer service
  • Methods and types of payment in the roulette casino
  • The range of casino games outside of online roulette

While some online roulette casinos have strengths and weaknesses, The best online casinos can offer the complete package and create the perfect setting for playing roulette.

Online Roulette: Different Variants Of Roulette In Online Casinos

Even though the principle of Internet Roulette is basically the same, there are different variations that should provide variety in the casino. There may be differences, for example, in the payout percentages, in the style of play and in the amount and type of possible bets..

Every casino customer has their own roulette favorites, with the following roulette variations being the classics:

European Roulette:

European roulette

European Roulette is the most popular variant of Internet Roulette in European, Asian and African casinos. The game is played with a bowl, with the numbers 1 to 36 and a zero. European roulette, for example, has a better chance of winning than American roulette, because with a zero, l’house advantage n’is only 2.7%.

USA Roulette:

USA roulette

USA roulette is identical to European roulette in many ways. All d’first, the differences between the variants are visual. While European roulette on the roulette table can be found in English or the local language, in the USA variant the names are in USA. For example, the single odds are called "Red / Black", "Even / Odd" and "Miss / Pass" and the dealer calls out "Nothing is going!" Instead of "Nothing works!" In the USA game variant.

La Partage and En Prison: Although the La Partage rule is not exclusive to USA roulette, it is often associated with this variation. This rule is used in some casinos for single odds and gives the player advantages when zero comes up. Instead of losing l’entire stake, it is shared at La Partage when the player shouts "share the mace, s’please!". Half goes to the bank and l’other half is paid to the player. This reduces l’house edge to 1.35% and payout percentages increase from 97.3% to 98.65%. A variation of La Partage is the rule in prison.

Half of the profit n’is not returned to the player in the event of a zero, but the entire stake is blocked and half of the profit is "reinvested". The chips remain on the ground. If the player is right in the next round, he gets his stake back. Otherwise, l’the entire stake goes to the casino.

American Roulette:

American roulette

As its name l’indicates, this variant of roulette is particularly popular in America, but also in Canada and South America. In Europe, however, this variant plays a secondary role. This could be due to the fact that’in addition to zero, double zero is also played here. THE’home advantage here is 5.6%. The payout percentages decrease accordingly. Some casinos offer American roulette, although in most cases the double zero is omitted.

Other variations of roulette:

  • There are d’other exciting online roulette games, like mini roulette . The numbers 1 through 12 and a zero are used here. Here, l’house edge is significantly higher than in classic roulette and is 7.7%.
  • Another variation is multi-wheel roulette. This is offered at online casinos. Online roulette players are seated in front of several digital cauldrons, the number of which they can usually determine for themselves. This variant of roulette allows you to make bigger profits faster..
  • The special Card Roulette variant is a mixture of roulette and poker. Instead of the numbers 0-36, the boilers consist of 52 cards and two jokers, with which the wins can be multiplied.

Qu’about live roulette?

Live roulette

The most popular variations of casino roulette include live online roulette games . The game takes place in real time via the live stream and cannot be paused. But instead of s’sit in a casino, the player s’sit at home.

Almost all certified casinos concerned about the satisfaction of their customers, offer a selection of roulettes with live dealer. A good casino offers more than 10 different online roulette variations with a live dealer.

Most popular d’between them are, for example:

  • Immersive Roulette
  • Speed ​​roulette
  • Double ball caster
  • Flash Roulette

In addition, many internet casinos offer classic roulette variations such as European, USA, American and even German roulette.. While most of the live games are offered in English, there are also live offers aimed at USA-speaking customers..

how live roulette works and benefits

Live dealer roulette works the same way as online roulette games which do not’have no live dealer. Players choose a table, take their seats and place their bets. The difference is made by the’atmosphere of these online roulette games, which is clearly the’one of the advantages of’live offer. The transmission to the dealer is made by live broadcast so that all game processes can be seen in real time. The live version offers a feeling almost like in the "real" casino. 

The croupier comments on the progress of the game and adds to the’realistic atmosphere. Another advantage of this variant is the limits of live dealer roulette.. Every customer will find the perfect table for their own budget during live matches. While bets on some live tables start at 50 cents, bets up to’to 10,000 euros are authorized from the’other side. Unlike local casinos, live online roulette offers are generally available 24 hours a day - and you can enjoy the realistic casino feel even in your pajamas.

It all depends on the software! Of course, good software is needed for live games and not all live offerings can deliver good quality.’image and transmission. The streaming technology running in the background is largely responsible for the quality of the video.’a live offer. If you are looking for good live online roulette games , you should be familiar with software vendors. The best live software currently comes from:

What are the requirements for a live casino? In order to benefit from the’all the possibilities and to see the flows in the best quality, certain technical requirements must be met. There must be a stable internet connection with which data loss is minimized. In addition, each online casino has minimum internet bandwidth requirements and the latest Flash version is required. Each supplier has entered relevant information on their portal.

Live Roulette Variants

As already briefly mentioned, there is a great variety in the live industry.. The most popular live offers can be found here at a glance’eye:

  • Speed ​​Roulette: a round of Speed ​​Roulette is half the length of’a tour of the classic variant. Thus, this variant offers faster and more frequent gains.
  • Immersive Roulette: The rules of immersive live roulette are the same as those of European roulette. 19 different camera angles make the difference. Players see the table, the cauldron and the dealer from different camera angles and enjoy’an exclusive and visually high quality experience. The transmission with Immersive Roulette is of 4K quality, so the streams have a quality of’exceptional display even on TVs 65 inches and above.
  • Double ball roulette: His name l’indicates: this variant is played with two balls at the same time. For the player, this means doubling the chances of winning per race. This live variant is also played on the basis of European roulette with a zero.
  • Lightning Roulette: VS’is probably the most lucrative game of all. There are payments here in a report up to’at 500 to 1. The standard roulette rules’apply. Moreover, the random number generator determines the lucky numbers which can multiply the stakes.

Online roulette strategies

Roulette is the ultimate game of chance. As a result, mathematicians and gamers have been racking their brains for centuries to find out s’there is a strategy to beat the system. We have reviewed the most popular roulette strategies and have rated them. It doesn’there is no such thing as a perfect roulette system. We give you useful information and instructions on each roulette system as well as advice on which strategy you can use safely and which one is not.’is not preferable!


The Martingale strategy is probably the most well-known roulette system and promises the player guaranteed profits without the risk of loss. With this system, you bet on single odds and try to compensate for your losses by doubling your stakes..

Instructions and example:

The Martingale strategy is based on the’hypothesis that’with a payout of 1: 1 for the single odds, you can just get a profit equal to your base bet by making up for losses suffered from a double spin. This means that if you lose, you bet twice the base stake at the’next step in order to always make a profit.

For example, if you bet $ 10 on red and it happens, you will receive $ 10 in profit. If black, you lose. Now Martingale comes into play. In the next round of the game, bet $ 20 on Easy Chances. If you win you will receive 40 $. In both rounds, you bet a total of $ 30, but still made a profit of $ 10.

If you lose again, double your stake again by betting $ 40. The previous total stake is now $ 70 ($ 10 + $ 20 + $ 40). If you guessed correctly, you will now win $ 80. Your earnings are therefore always 10 $.

THE’ notice of’Neardoggmusic on Martingale

this way of playing is certainly the’one of the simplest roulette strategies and looks very promising. However, it is important to consider the risks before’use the Martingale system.

Whether you play roulette online or play in land-based casinos, there are always minimum and maximum table limits. Your gaming budget probably shouldn't be endless either. If you now have a negative streak and lose multiple rounds of’in a row, you will quickly hit the table or budget limit.

With a starting bet of $ 10, for example, you will have to bet $ 1,280 in a single game round if you lose 8 in a row, which does not’is not uncommon, to make up for your losses. In total, with the previous bets, you would have to raise $ 2,550 to compensate for the losses and make a plus of only $ 10.


Like the Martingale, the Paroli strategy is a progressive betting system in which you have to adjust your bets depending on whether you lose or win. The Paroli system attempts to’exploit Martingale's weaknesses and thereby create an advantage for the player. You always play with the base stake and the 1: 1 wins up to’what you lose. Then start again with your basic mission.

Instructions and example:

Basically, the Paroli strategy works like the Martingale system, with the difference that if you win, you double your bet. With a relatively small stake and a good run, you can score big wins..

For example, you are playing with a base bet of $ 10. Put that on an easy chance. If you lose, start a new game with a base bet. If you are right, you win $ 10, so you now have $ 20 on the table. This puts you back on an easy chance.

If you win again, you have $ 40 and have quadrupled your stake by $ 10 in just 2 game turns. If you are lucky a third time, you already have $ 80 and therefore $ 70 in profit. You can continue to play this game until’until you have enough winnings to withdraw, or until you’that you lose and your winnings go to the casino.

THE’ notice of’Neardoggmusic on paroli

The Paroli strategy is particularly low risk and c’that is why we can recommend this roulette system to you without reservation. You only play for your relatively small base stake and still have the opportunity to make big wins of several hundred dollars.’euros with a good series of 4 or 5 dashes’sharp.

The weakness of this system is that you often have to play dozens of games before you get multiple wins.’sharp. Many players also fail to seize the right moment to declare the game over and secure the winnings..


The Labouchère roulette system, also known as Scraping Progression, was developed by a British politician and amateur gamer who was able to celebrate great success for many years with the tactics that bear his name. Today’hui, the strategy is there’one of the most popular among ambitious roulette players and is considered the’one of the most promising systems at all.

Instructions and example:

Based on the’your entire online gambling budget, you need to’first determine an amount and a series of numbers. To keep things simple, let's take $ 21 as the desired profit for our example. For this you can choose a series of numbers with 1‑2‑3‑4‑5‑6, which makes 21.

In the first game, take 1 and 6 from the row of numbers and add them up. The total is $ 7 and you are betting on one chance, for example on red. If you win you can cross out both numbers and continue playing with the next two, in our example 2 and 5 (1 -2-3 -4-5- 6).

If you lose, add the sum of the two numbers, 7, to the end of the line (1‑2‑3‑4‑5‑6‑7). Your next bet would be $ 8 (1 + 7). If you keep playing until’that you have crossed out all the numbers on the list, you will certainly ensure a guaranteed win of 20 $.

THE’ notice of’Neardoggmusic on Labouchère

The Labouchère system is a slightly more complicated roulette strategy which is particularly suitable for players who already have some experience at the roulette table. With a little practice, beginners can also benefit from this betting system. The game variant is particularly recommended because it tells you exactly how you should place your bets.

The Labouchère strategy helps you to play roulette in a disciplined manner, both in the land casino and in the online casino. It can thus be considered as an advantageous strategy, even if the’home advantage of the game supplier’money of course does not change because of this way of playing. In our opinion, Labouchère also offers a little more entertainment and’interactivity as Martingale and Paroli.

However, this system also carries some risk. If you have a negative trend, your list will quickly add more digits. Especially if you are playing with high stakes you run the risk of’reach the table limit or exceed your personal budget. This equates to a total loss.


Strategy D’Alembert is considered to be the’one of the most beginner friendly roulette systems and can be learned in minutes. Here too a series of numbers is used, in which the stake is increased d’one unit after each loss and the bet is reduced d’one unit after each victory.

Instructions and example

The roulette strategy D’Alembert follows a series of numbers that you can imagine or like to record. By increasing or reducing your stake’one unit on each new turn, the result is a completely normal sequence of numbers of 1-2-3-4-5-6 etc..

A game lasts up to’whether you place a single bet in the first or after several game rounds and win it. You have certainly made a profit. An example: you start with a bet of $ 5 and place it on red. If you win, you own $ 10, so you made a profit of $ 5.

Bet $ 10 if you lose and $ 15 if you lose again. If you win with the $ 15, you have $ 30. Your balance is now ± 0. L’next step is to bet $ 10 by going backwards’a level in the sequence of numbers. The game continues until’until you reach the end of $ 5 again and win the bet.

THE’ notice of’Neardoggmusic on Alembert

Like any negative progression, the system D’Alembert is associated with some risk. Unlike the Martingale, the progression is much flatter and the risk is therefore limited. If you really have a losing streak and start betting 3-4% of your budget, it doesn't’there is virtually no chance that you will hit the table limit or your bankroll will be depleted.

With the digital streak in our example from 1 to 6 with a stake of $ 5, you lose a maximum of $ 105 if you are wrong 6 times in a row. However, a race through strategy D’Alembert may take much longer than’with the Martingale strategy.

Red system

The red system offers a particularly interesting approach. Here you bet on the third column and on the color black. Since the third column contains 8 red numbers and only 4 black numbers, you can cover 26 numbers per turn and thus only lose’about 1 part in 4.

Instructions and example

if you decide to bet a spin of $ 6, for example you have to bet $ 4 on black and $ 2 on the third column. This gives 4 different possible results:

  1. A red number in the first or second column: $ 6 loss
  2. A red number in the third column: 0 $
  3. A black number in the first two columns: $ 2 profit
  4. A black number in the third column: 8 $ profit

With a total of 4 numbers you can get a big win, with a total of 14 numbers you get a small profit and with 8 numbers you don't suffer a loss. You only lose’with the 10 red numbers in the first two columns and the zero.

THE’ notice of’Neardoggmusic on the red system

With the red strategy, you can also calculate whether the system is worth it or not. With 500 games, your results will be rounded as follows:

55.5 times the payment of 8 $

194.5 times the payment of $ 2

Payment of 0111 $ times

139 times the loss of -6 $

This results in total losses of $ 834 and profits of $ 833. As you can see, the’home advantage can actually be minimized with the Red system.

Of course, we assume in our calculation that all numbers also often win. Ultimately, as you as an experienced roulette player know, it is’is a matter of luck and luck that the end result actually turns out this way or that’a certain of the 4 groups is preferred to the others.

Why n’Is There No 100% Safe Strategy In Online Roulette?

No roulette strategy’is guaranteed to work. As we have said before, one of the reasons is that opportunities cannot be foreseen. Another is the house edge of the bank. Of course, the casino wants to win some’roulette players' money and this is guaranteed by the green zero field. If the ball stays at zero, all bets go straight to the bank (there are some exceptions here, which you can read in the rules).

At first glance, you have to think that’a roulette system on single odds, for example red-black or even-odd, has a chance of winning exactly 50/50. However, because of the zero, this n’is not the case, because it would also mean a loss s’it appeared (in most cases). In American Roulette there are even two zero fields, which increases the odds of the bank even more. VS’is why it is always advisable to turn to the USA version of the game.’Either way, and no matter what roulette system is used, the house edge of the bank can never be bypassed or offset.

Can you beat roulette?

All d’first, we must define what the’we really mean by the term "to strike". VS’is more of a term’slang for the term "earn’money ”or the possibility of making long-term profits. You can certainly earn’money on n’any casino game just being lucky for a while. The question to be asked, however, is whether s’it is possible to win in the long term at roulette. So not on individual sessions, but over days, weeks, months and years. At the end of’one year, you have to take stock and be able to say, yes, after 10,000 turns j’won 12,000 euros. It would be a relatively clear sign that you have beaten the game.. But is it really possible?

The simple answer that probably confuses many is: No! As’said Einstein, he doesn’is not possible to win in the long run at roulette and Einstein spent many years of his life determining s’he could have an advantage over the casino. And the answer n’is not the one you often hear, namely that’no casino is there’would otherwise offer s’he could be beaten. VS’is rather than the bullet n’has no memory and doesn't care if it was red or black on the last lap. And there's that damn zero that always gives the casino an edge. If you want to be able to beat roulette, you need’an application with a positive expected value. However, this n’is the case with no strategy, regardless of the amount of past data analyzed.

The only option is when you can manipulate the table or, as Einstein says, steal chips. Because if you manage to manipulate the game table in any way, you can also influence the outcome in your favor and get a positive profit expectation.. As long as you fail to create a kettle eye and’successfully use in a casino, you also will not be able to win any’long term money at roulette.

The difference between online roulette and roulette in land-based casinos.

Roulette is l’one of the oldest games of chance played to date. THE’history dates back to the 17th century, with different stories circulating on the’exact origin. To this day, people associate the game with glamor and l’exclusivity. This can be seen, for example, in the dress code, gambling dens. Certain rules of conduct are also expected from casinos. On the other hand, gambling friends in an online casino can play roulette even in their pajamas without making any noise..

Online roulette is available at all times and no one is’is forced to go out in bad weather to go to the neighboring casino. In addition, online casinos attract with lucrative bonus offers that’a local casino cannot compete. D’on the other hand, the Internet variant naturally lacks a social component. It can be a lot of fun to s’sit at a "real" roulette table and rejoice with d’other players. Live casino roulette provides a good opportunity to enjoy the casino feeling with friends without having to leave your own home.

The online roulette bonus.

THE’one of the most important quality features of online gaming is the bonus welcome, without which no casino provider who wishes to satisfy their own players can do so. A welcome bonus is usually given for the first deposit and is usually linked to the amount of the deposit. But there are also online casino providers where new customers get a no deposit bonus - although no deposit bonuses cannot be used in online roulette games.

A welcome offer may represent a real money bonus or free spins- and sometimes a combination of both. Free spins cannot be used at roulette, but are intended for slots. Good, reputable online casinos offer a special roulette bonus from time to time. Such bonus offers do not differ in many ways from the general welcome bonus: a deposit usually needs to be made, there are wagering requirements and a period of validity for the real money bonus. A roulette casino bonus can only be used’at roulette and unlocked at roulette.

Roulette Bonus - Not a Criterion for Online Roulette Players

To receive a casino bonus, you not only need to make a deposit and open an account - the bonus must also be accepted in many cases. This means that’there is also an option to decline this. When the rejection makes sense depends on the bonus wagering requirements. Among other things, the regulations stipulate when a real money bonus or free spins winnings can be paid out. The casino sets a sum which must be converted within a certain period of time when playing. The sales amount is usually a multiple of the bonus amount or the combination of bonus and deposit.

As a rule of thumb, bonus credit is primarily for free spins on slots, not roulette. Although’it is allowed to’use bonus roulette credits, roulette bets contribute little or no contribution to the d figure’business required. In addition, with an active bonus, the amount of possible bets is relatively low. It is therefore not worth’get a general casino bonus as a pure roulette player. A little advice: it's worth negotiating! If the welcome bonus is lost, simply contact the casino's customer support - in many cases there will be an additional bonus on top of that.

VIP programs, special promotions and loyalty points

It doesn’It's not just new players who want to pamper casinos with welcome offers - existing customers should also be kept up to date with special offers, special prizes, and lucrative loyalty programs:

  • Reload bonuses and bonuses on additional deposits: Many online casinos do not limit themselves to a real money bonus on the very first deposit and also reward additional deposits into the player's account with bonus credits.. Reload bonuses can only be granted for the second or more consecutive deposits. Generally, deposits must be made within a specified period of time for the bonus to be available..
  • VIP programs: Players who participate regularly and for the long term in the casino can in many cases benefit from lucrative loyalty programs.. Benefits for VIP customers include faster payouts, personal contacts, special bonus offers, and higher deposit limits.
  • Exclusive events: VIP customers, but not only them, always have the’opportunity in the right online casinos to participate in exclusive events and enjoy complete luxury. Such casino events can be, for example, live tournaments, parties or excursions.
  • Daily specials: From new online casinos even go as far as’to give something special every day of the week. Qu’they’be it very high jackpots at slots, FreePlays at roulette and blackjack tables or’offers from cashback bonus.

Important Considerations Before Playing Online Roulette

  1. In this section, we will analyze the quality of the software and platform of each casino, with particular emphasis on clarity and’attractiveness. Because we already know that the first impression is an important criterion.
  2. Nothing better for referring players to an online casino than recommended welcome bonuses with reasonable wagering requirements and requirements. We have selected the best for you.
  3. THE’Mobile device usage is increasing across the board and online roulette should be no exception. Play roulette from your smartphone or tablet!
  4. When you decide to play for money’money, you want to make a deposit as easy as possible. And when you win you want your money ASAP. Reputable casinos make it easy!
  5. Complaints, complaints or simply doubts that may arise. The best casinos always have the best customer service because the’user comes first!
  6. We know you love to play roulette on the internet. So you want the casinos we recommend to have a wide variety of’roulette options. You n’have more than’to choose!
  7. We make sure that the online casinos we have selected have’a license to offer legal games on the web. It is important that you feel safe when playing!
    Despite licensing and regulatory reviews, we encourage players to always research that the region in which they live accepts gaming.’money online and is part of the’EU.
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